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  1. I suspect the 48GB is 16GB internal plus 32GB microSD. If so, it's a bit of a shame they didn't include SDXC, but at the price I guess you can't argue too much. With any luck it'll support USBOTG, so we can connect more substantial storage when needed. Looks sweet. The Nexus killer?
  2. You got me all excited here - thought you were talking about a Google-branded portable hardware keyboard for Android! Wouldn't that be nice?
  3. There's a serious danger of putting this RasPi into space.... http://stars-project.adeptium.com/
  4. ...or £89 for those of us who got in early. ;)
  5. Oh, I always check. What bugs me about the perms, though, is how little they actually say. Often, you get things like "Can read SMS", "Can make phone calls", "Can read Contacts", and so on - but no explanation as to why. I'd like to see the permissions expanded, with a justification and use statement attached to each requested permission, the use statement being binding within the vendor's (and ideally emptor's) jurisdiction, and certainly within Google's. For example: if an application states that it wants access to Contacts, it must explain why, and what's being done with the data. So, if it says it's in order to update Contacts from scanned business cards (for instance), then that's the only thing it can do with the data - it can't read all my Contacts and send their contents to its Mothership for "marketing" purposes. Google can use Terms and Conditions requiring full and complete disclosure in this way to enforce punitive action. Offenders giving false statements and abusing user data can be ejected from Android Market, any unpaid royalties forfeited (ideally to the Free Software Foundation, or a portfolio of charities), existing users refunded and the application quarantined (with consent) on user devices - without limitation of any other recourses Google, or Android users, might take. Is this unreasonable? Remember, the window of opportunity is now. If we don't act to enforce our rights to privacy of our personal data whilst we can, we won't have any.
  6. Hi Paul, (Edited: the add-link button made a royal mess!) I ought to clarify: it's not a physically stuck key, as the tests with a PC demonstrate. Here's someone else with the same problem: Bazabaza's keyboard problem. Like him,I'm using a keyboard-case for the Vega: to be exact, this one. These kinds of cases are getting more popular, so it's probably worth a bit of diagnosis. I've also tested with a Dell keyboard, and that seems OK. I'm quite happy to help out with diagnosis, if you can devise any tests I can run. Jon
  7. Paul - very many thanks for this! A tenner coming your way for your diligent hard work! I can now switch to USB Host Mode without needing to install a third-party rooter. However - I'm seeing the same problem some others have reported (but which I've not seen a solution suggested for): using a USB keyboard, one key ('w' in my case) goes onto endless auto-repeat. I've tested the keyboard against a PC, and it behaves itself. Do you have any ideas what might be behind this, and what might fix it? Thanks, Jon
  8. My Vega, delivered on the 24th, shipped with 1.08 on board.
  9. Received mine today, having ordered on Thursday last week. It's shipped with ROM version 1.08, so no Flash support inbuilt yet. Time to cook a new ROM onto it...
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