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  1. I now have the LCD Info from my phones. One is Synaptics and the other is Atmel. The Synaptics is indeed the problematic phone, but what I did notice is that this code to bring up the 'ChiperTest' doesn't work on the CM9 ROM. I didn't have any joy with CWM 4, so moved onto CWM 5. Certainly none of the default ones worked with my phone, so I had to update CWM via adb. If anyone knows why this is I would be interested in the explanation :-)
  2. The only version of CWM I could get to work was v5.0.2.7, and this had to be installed through adb. If I flash a new partition structure (TPT) CWM does not allow me to select anything on my phone, even if I try to enable the 'back menu button'. I have to reflash CWM v5.0.2.7 over adb. I can tell when it's been successful as the bottom buttons light up. Then it's a case of multiple down (or up) presses to enable 'back menu button', and the power button to select. I've tried to identify my display controller by typing *983*24474636#, this keeps just overwriting with the last character (#) so I can't access the hardware summary screen. I haven't noticed much difference between the response of my phone or my wife's so it's difficult to tell if one is an Atmel & the other Synaptics. Frustrating stuff.... Carlsberg don't make VivaCity smart phones, but if they did, they wouldn't base it on mine...
  3. Thanks for the reply Titas, I have found that my wife's VivaCity behaves differently to mine (capacitive buttons work in CWM) so I'd assume there is a hardware difference between our phones somewhere (as I used the same unlock / root method for both phones). That may explain why your button works & mine doesn't. I would have expected the search button to act in a similiar fashion to how it did in GingerBread (2.3). If pressed on the main screen it opens a search in Google, if pressed within an app it would open a search dialog specific to that app (if applicable). Perhaps I have misunderstood however....
  4. Hi everyone. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has been working on this ROM, clearly you have put in a lot of effort & it is greatly appreciated. Secondly a special thanks to Dazzozo, your responses on this forum have been many & frequent - I have been reading a lot of threads on this forum & some of your comments / advice have been incredibly helpful. Firstly a little info on my phone: - Vivacity (Partitioned to 200MB, 200MB & 40MB - as advised) - I unlocked & rooted this back in February - I've always had issues with the capacitive buttons, CWM has never worked with them & I need to use the 'back button enabled' method with the power button I've installed this ROM onto my Vivacity & everything seems to be working OK. I have noticed 2 things however, and I haven't managed to find an answer to them on the 57 pages of this thread.... - The search button on my Vivacity doesn't work - There doesn't seem to be a Wifi tethering option (Only USB option) These are just minimal to be honest, as I should be able to get a free Wifi tethering app from the Play Store. I'll need to test with my iPad to make sure it's functioning however. The search button is handy for certain apps (SabSheep etc) but again this is extremely minimal. Any pointers would be great, even if they're just 'My search button disnae work either' !! I just want to make sure it's nothing specific to the hardware variant of my phone.
  5. Thanks for the link Thomas. Thought I might try this on the other handset I have to do a compare of complexity. Before doing this here is a quick summary of the steps: - USB drivers for handset installed - T-Mobile Stock Recovery installed to recovery partition (Over ADB with commands in a batch script) - Assume this is in case anyone has installed CWM before, as a stock phone will obviously have stock recovery (FTM) - QCN file is backed up using QPST - Unlock utility is used ('download.exe') - QCN file is restored - User preferred ROM is installed - CWM is installed to recovery partition (Over ADB with commands in a batch script) Only issues I have with this (as it is pretty much the same as Bouncer5's guide) are: - Where are the instructions to wipe system data & Dalvik Cache before ROM install, or is this not required? - Where is the original kernel install step after installing the ROM? - From what I understand this was needed in some cases as users had issues with the handset functionality
  6. VivaCity Unlocked, Rooted & Running Smoothly...Happy Days

  7. OK, all sorted. Really wasn't easy but to be honest this seems to be due to my type of hardware. As stated by other people I had to install CWM over ADB. Issue here was the driver (as stated in my above post). After much fiddling I found a compatible driver but this wasn't readily available from ZTE or other links in previous posts. A quick summary to help anyone who has the same type of user unlock unfriendly hardware as me: - Note down MAC address & follow guide to backup QCN (QPST), run download.exe from unlock.zip & restore QCN (QPST) - If your phone boots into CWM but the capacitive buttons don't light up then do this (holding volume down & powering on will bring up FTM) - Download ADB.zip, Driver.zip & recovery-clockwork- (linked in the guide) - Unzip & Install USB drivers for phone - Unzip ADB.zip - Copy recovery-clockwork- to ADB folder (where required .exe files are located) - Power on the phone as normal to bring up CWM (buttons won't light up) & driver will install for Android ADB device - Open windows command prompt & set ADB folder as working directory ('cd' to it or try the right mouse click 'Open Command Windows Here') - Run this command : adb-windows.exe reboot bootloader - When you get yer wee Android green man your device will change into fastboot mode & the driver will switch - Best bet is to check device manager to make sure the device has been recognised properly, if there is an exclamation mark you need to update the driver - I will try to pop a copy of the driver that is working for me on the web somewhere & stick a link in here later - If device is recognised properly type in terminal fastboot-windows.exe flash recovery recovery-clockwork- - After this completes properly unplug USB lead & pull the battery (if inserted) to turn phone completely off - Now power on with the volume button down & you should get CWM instead of FTM & the capacitive buttons will light up (they still won't work) - Scroll down a number of time in CWM until it says 'Back menu button enabled' - Now the power button will allow you to access the menus - You can now follow all the other steps in the guide. Phew....all taken care of. Thanks to Bouncer5 for the guide & the links to the required files. Thanks to BrideOfTheAtom for posting about having to install over ADB to get the buttons to light up. Now hopefully I can get the ROM installed OK without too many wireless MAC address issues!!!
  8. With all the support & expertise on this forum I ain't overly worried at the moment although the wife has said I definitely can't experiment with her working VivaCity - I don't blame her. I see BrideOfTheAtom had a very similiar issue to what I'm seeing so fingers crossed someone might come to my rescue. In the meantime I'll keep typing variations of 'Save my VivaCity' into Google & see what else I can try.
  9. Thanks for the reply Frodo. I figured this might be the case, but I've managed to retrieve my MAC address from my router's DHCP history so that should be OK. I've managed to retrieve my QCN file so that's all good also. This isn't the current issue at the top of my list however as the capacitive buttons won't work so I need to figure out a way to install a ROM to get the phone to do something. I found a post where someone had the same issue and they suggested using fastboot via ADB. The plot thickens & obviously it isn't allowed to be straight forward: - I've followed the instructions & installed ADB drivers - Managed to add the phone & run command to launch bootloader - The wee Android man pops up & the device's ID changes, so it needs a new driver - Windows 7 (x86) then reports it can't install a driver properly (Hardware IDs below but I don't see them in the inf) - USB\VID_18D1&PID_D00D&REV_0100 - USB\VID_18D1&PID_D00D - I also delved into the latest Google SDK generic drivers for fastboot but this didn't help As this device won't install properly I can't run the command to install recovery-clockwork- I dunno whether to laugh or cry. I'll flip a coin....
  10. Hi everyone, I have been trying to unlock my VivaCity so I can use it in New Zealand without T-Mobile going to town on me for internet roaming charges etc & I haven't owned the phone long enough to request an remote unlock. Usually I'm good at following instructions/guides but on this occasion I have shot myself in the foot and not performed the first two steps - Noting down my MAC address or uploading my QCN file - doh!. From what I gather this is used for recovery... Anyway, I have performed the following: - Powered up phone into FTM screen by holding the down volume button - Run 'download.exe' from the 'unlock.zip' file for the VivaCity - Booted into CWM - If I hold the volume down button when turning on the phone still boots into FTM. If I just power on it boots into CWM. As CWM came up I assumed all was going well but the home button (or any of the bottom capacitive buttons for that matter) don't function. After trawling through the forums I have discovered a few people have had this issue, but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer as to why this is or how to fix it. I have tried the numerous down presses in CWM which display 'back button enabled' but this doesn't help & if I attempt to use the power button it either toggles the text menu display or does nothing at all. If anyone could advise me on how I progress the unlock (getting the capacitive buttons to work) I'd be very grateful. From there I should be able to locate a suitable ROM & perform the install. For the missing QCN file : I have another VivaCity I bought for my wife when I got mine (purchased on same day from same shop), and I'd assume they are the same hardware & software versions. Does anyone know if the QCN file is locked to hardware (i.e. MAC address) or if a donor QCN file can be used to recover the phone.
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