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  1. This chinese phone sports some standard specs for reasonable price <200$ MTK 6577 1gb ram 4gb rom 4,7 inch screen 1280x720 GPS etc It has been rooted over at XDA and there is at least a rom available for it DRX1.7 (and the zopo 900-950) The basic downside is the limited battery duration, which claims to be 2000mAh. Edit, The GPS which i had the oportunity to use today is also poor, but there has been a solution posted online involving the replacement of the GPS antenna with a homemade one Available roms for b92m: Modrom DRX 2.0.3 Modrom DRX 2 Modrom DRX 1.7.3 Modrom DRX 1.7 beta 2 / beta 1 4.1.1 rom Orefice rom 1.3 Our russian friends have a more detailed list on their forum and there is the original 4.0.4 rom floating somewhere but I cant locate it at the moment. I will add it if/when I relocate it Edit: there are also seem to exist two taiwanese roms if anyone wants to give them a try. One JB 4.1.2 and one ICS Taiwan101_STAR-B92_ICS_V.02 ( this rom wouldnt work with my phone. It would stay stuck at the android icon) Taiwan101_STAR-B92_JB_V.01-2 (lots of chinese stuff in. and no greek) New rom (haven't tried it yet) No cholesterol mod V1, JB 4.1.2
  2. story: I have 2 blades. The reason I have 2 blades is that when I bought the first one in the UK, did not realized that the wifi had the known problem of not very strong signal connection. When I did realized that wifi reception was poor, I got a second one and used the first to experiment. I do not want to get very excited about it, but it seems that this rom somewhat addresses this problem. At least the wifi connection although weaker when the 2 phones are placed next to each other, seems to work better than before. wonder why that might be.
  3. does anybody else thinks that the battery drain is rather big on this rom?
  4. wired had that story http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/06/chips-oy-spies-want-to-hack-proof-circuits/ but was about counterfeit chips
  5. Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place for this post so I apologize in advance if it is not, There have been two distinct news stories in Greece the last couple of months about 2 different guys selling wiretapping software online for smartphones. Details are scarce but the story goes that the targeted smartphone receives an irrelevant txt message (eg: hi, or an advertisement) which after opening installs some sort of software allowing the wiretapping, without alerting the user of the smartphone. these two guys seem to have a great deal of revenue from that software, or so the news say, which probably indicates that the software worked. (Of course since wiretapping software is illegal, I am not sure how you would get your money back if it didn't work). And my questions are: How does this happen? any theories on how it works? Is there a remedy for that (antivir, antimal) ? would anyone know which operating system is susceptible to such software? is this attack, device or OS related? would a wipe or reformat eliminate such danger? and finally :ninja: is there a torrent for it? :lol: PS a few years back we had a wiretapping issue but that time there was cooperation with an insider from within the mobile carrier. A man committed "suicide" and nobody went to prison. This time though things seem much easier. Any thoughts?
  6. i got a 32GB class 10 samsung micro SD card yesterday and popped it in my ZTE Blade to use it. On the Coldfusion x 15/6 i only get a message that the card is ready to Unmount. And i cant access it. A 16 GB class 4 works fine on that phone. On the moldovan mile high mountain pie though (different phone), the 32 gb card is working properly. anyone has a similar issue?
  7. well, as other said, its highly unfortunate cause it means I will not buy it either :) Go Blade, go G300!
  8. Thanks for the tip. I dont use titanium or backup in general as this one i have it for experiments. I will try it later today or next week and I will report back Edit: Indeed reflashing solved the problem.CHeers :)
  9. Anybody else having issues with the lock screen not appearing when the power button is pressed? Not even the pattern lock screen appears and cant seem to find anything in the settings to activate it ? any ideas?
  10. I had the bad luck to get an Archos 101 G8 just before the G9 debut and it has been a huge disappointment. Laggy and slow as hell, POOR screen, limited customization and on top will not be upgraded to ICS, or at least get an officially open bootloader for home-brew customization. Archos -1
  11. I couldn't find any topic mentioning it, but I have a problem with text messages while using SS that wasn't there when using JJ. When I type a message using 75 Greek characters (well I am Greek so I use greek a lot :) I get a notification that the message is sent as 2 messages, while normally I could send 160 characters as one message. To give some more detail, when I type the second Greek character of the text message the count drops from 159 to 68 characters left. I use the Greek keyboard v0.9.1 Does anybody knows why that happens, or if anything could be done to fix it? thanks
  12. the current Orange and Argos websites in the specifications say it has 150MB internal memory unlike the description above. Has anyone fiddled with that and see if it is unlockable as in other models? cheers
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