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  1. Same as what I was on - why did I get it and you didn't then ? One thing - have you rooted your phone ? If so, you'll need to unroot it.
  2. Just hit your About phone and system update - it's OTA
  3. UK Retail version (not Tesco) is available for download right now !
  4. I think the theory that many in the technical press have only just caught up on the Motorola press release prior to Christmas makes sense ;)
  5. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/moto-g-android-4-4-kitkat-rollout-starts-in-uk seems to indicate it is rolling out in the UK now...
  6. Very nice surprise from Moto - turn off your phone, turn it back on again - brand new boot animation which will last until early January ! No need to install the app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motorola.moodles&hl=en&referrer=utm_source%3DPlayboard%26utm_medium%3DWidgetWeb%26utm_campaign%3DPlayboard)
  7. All done - couldn't have been easier - thanks Paul :)
  8. Yes, just discovered this - bit of a pain in the proverbial, isn't it ? Time to change it then, thanks to this brilliant guide :)
  9. The key issue is whether the Moto G with Tesco Stores Ltd ROMs will get the KitKat update the same time as models with the standard UK retail ROM - the jury's out. Given there is absolutely no difference between the two versions aside from the inclusion of TescoSL in the ROM name, it remains to be seen if this will be a barrier to an automatic upgrade or whether Tesco need to do something specific - I don't think there is anything 'special' about the Tesco ROM which would require any additional work to be done - there's no Tesco specific branding or apps to worry about. I'm gonna hang back on doing this for now and will review in January when the KitKat upgrade is rolled out.
  10. Direct link : http://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-mobile-motorola-moto-g-16gb-black/398-8016.prd?skuId=398-8016&fromRV=true
  11. A lot of stores do seem to have stock of the 16 GB ones but these may not be on display, only the 8 GB ones - just ask the staff
  12. Brilliant service from this guy - recommended : had my code within 20 minutes. Great market philosophy - charge cheap, loads of customers, loads of moolah - good for him :)
  13. Glad I didn't 'defect' to another ROM - updated OTA to the latest nightly last night (think I was on R1 or R2, can't remember which), and everything is working fine - good battery life, no reboots, phone working well. Great work, Dazzozo - just made a small contribution to thank you for breathing yet more new life into this little fella
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