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  1. Hi folks as the title suggests I'm looking to get a new battery cover for my black Xperia X1 and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I've searched everywhere but so far come up with nothing! Apologies if this has been discussed before but I cant find any info on this. Jamzi
  2. jamzi

    recieved call tone problem

    Ive been trying to find a fix for this since i got the phone a couple of months ago but so far had no luck! I would be greatful too if anyone has a solution for this!
  3. I had to send my Omnia away to the Samsung repair centre a couple of weeks ago because I managed to brick it whilst upgrading the firmware. Got it back on friday there with 2 lovely big scratches just above the screen! Obviously I promptly phoned them up again to ask what was going on! The guy i spoke to was very apologetic but it now needs to be sent in again to have a new case fitted! Anyone else had similar experiences with them? Jamzi
  4. jamzi

    Ringtone problem

    i did search and found nothing hence this thread. if its such a waste why add to it?
  5. jamzi

    Ringtone problem

    Well my girlfriend has a samsung soul and this doesnt happen with it. It doesnt happen with any other samsungs that ive played around with at work either!!
  6. im still experiencing this low ringtone volume problem and have done everything mentioned in this post! can anyone tell me where im going wrong?! Regards Jamzi
  7. ive clicked the reset button!! i clicked on the audio file, it opened up regedit and i clicked the reset button, am i missing something here?
  8. im having the same problem with ringtone volume and have downloaded the audio file to my omnia, clicked on it and it opens in reg edit but dont know whst to do next??!!
  9. Hi folks, Quick question. Why on my Omnia when i get an incoming call the ringtone is very low for the first 2/3 seconds then the volume suddenly increases to what it should be? Regards Jamzi
  10. Ive got quite a bit of experience of upgrading roms with my tytn 2 and touch diamond, but from what ive read upgrading an omnia rom doesnt seem as straight forward as what im used to. would that be correct? Jamzi
  11. Ok so mines says i900xxhg5. So far after a few days of using the phone i havent noticed any major issues so was wondering if there is a newer better firmware worth upgrading to or should i just stick with this one for the time being? Regards Jamzi
  12. Thanks for the replies folks! I am officially a nugget!!! Jamzi
  13. This is probably a ridiculously simple question but i've searched and searched and im baffled! How do you know which rom your omnia is running?! I know im going to regret asking this but i really am struggling here! Regards Jamzi
  14. Also just noticed that when im viewing pictures, before i turn the phone round into landscape mode the picture is upside down?! have i bought a dud diamond?! Jamzi

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