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  1. Is theer any advantage to Gen3? Improved signal? HSUPA? Better 2G/3G switching? Anything at all?
  2. Interesting. I just got 1348 @604 mhz on the first time with antutu on this rom. Rom has been on the phone 24 hours and no reboots. Psi
  3. Simply extract the .apk from the last GSF rom and install it. it works fine. Psi
  4. So... Am I right in thinking that "Gen 3" is the official windows reflash way that ZTE brought out to update to Gen 2?
  5. Flashed the latest nightly last night... Bluetooth not reconnect issue still there.. Proximity sensor bug (which I have never had before may I add) on the 1st phone call.. Seems the latest is not the greatest. :( Bye Bye CyanogenMod. Back to 2.3.4 we go. Psi
  6. Attached: Circle Battery mod only for wbaw's gsf10b. Nothing extra added nothing taken away. Colours: Green 100 - 50% Yellow 49 - 30% Orange 29 - 15% Red 14 - 0 % Psi batterymodGSF10b.zip
  7. Yes in CM7 Copilot always force closes for me. Navigon and MM Tracker work fine though. In this rom however They all, including CoPilot work perfectly. Psi
  8. Well chuffed so far. Liking the Vanilla Gingerbread very much.
  9. It's just a no break space. Removed it with root explorer and it made no difference at all. Psi
  10. Translated: Answer: Use this method. It is painless and safe. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...n2-tpt-upgrade/
  11. NO. Drivers are different. Kernel is different. Build is different. Everything is different. Psi
  12. Just a small note: Had to wipe the Dalvik cache when adding the new libaudio.so via clockwork. Testing on Nightly 73. Here's hoping. Psi
  13. you want a stock 2.2 rom for the SanFran? Hate to pee on your parade but there isn't one. Go call orange and whinge at them till they make one just for you. Or... make your own if your: A: Not too thick B: Stop whining long enough.
  14. In a word... Nope. Hint: look in the announcements at the top for a thread called "Reminder: Selling items on the forum directly is not allowed" Psi
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