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  1. Its £159 with free delivery. Looking forward to getting one of these in December! (first android tab!) More Q's: (sorry!) Can it be rooted? Are there custom roms? Honeycomb 3.0? How easy is it to get market?
  2. Does the HANNSpad have the android market? Just wondering cause a lot of Android Tabs are cheap unofficial rubbish and don't have android market! Also, If I bought from Amazon UK would I get a 53 model screen (cause apparently there better?) Why? What's the difference? Thanks
  3. I am unsure what android tablet to get? It seems that the HANNSpad is the best one but i'm still unsure! (1 ghz Cortex A9 Processor, 10.1" screen etc ) The ones in the poll I have looked at but feel free to suggest any others! All ones in poll are on Amazon if you want to have a look! Thanks
  4. LG used these guys to repair my pop (GD510) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ True! i didnt see my pop again Suppossed water damage!
  5. I really like go launcher but i cant fid the email, messaging or other widgets i had when i used sense. Is there a way to get them back. p.s they are also gone on the sense launcher? Thanks Gremlinman :mellow:
  6. Well, something (probably an app) is keeping the display on standby? (correct? anyone) rather than in a "deep sleep". What apps have u got installed?
  7. once you break one orange bring out the refurbishments.........
  8. To be honest dont care if its downgrading just want a phone that wont wont brake every time i get one (had 10 replacements!!)
  9. Hi, Im moving from the blade to another android. Which one is best? HTC Wildfire LG Optimus One Samsung i5500 Europa Samsung Galaxy Mini Any other suggestions (£180 max)
  10. The revo theme is a frankish theme. if i replace the framework from swedish spring with revo then it word flash (bad)
  11. When i replace frame work with for example revo theme framework it doesnt flash in clockwork mod?
  12. No. At the moment i cant figure out how to select an option! Not the home or back or menu keys EDIT: Wait you can install update.zip?
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