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  1. I do have root and i use rootexplorer and I tried buidprop editor
  2. When I change buidprop and reboot changes don't stick! Everything is back to original state. What am I doing wrong ?
  3. Is there no Google search app in this rom/gapps? My quick search bar doesn't work?
  4. I did a clean install but it was very laggi fom time to time. I've never experience that on rootbox! I been testing it 4 two days and now that I returned to rootbox I must say it's much much better. I like slim because of simplicity, light weight and real dark option but lag was 2 bad 4 me. Now that rootbox have dark option I'm quite happy with it. Keep up the great work C3CO I'm always more than happy 2 test your roms!
  5. Tnx man that's it :lol: And to report 1 small bug, when dark slim is on contact widget displays white cloud where should be the name of that contact
  6. Sry but this is my slimbin https://www.box.com/shared/k5v39guq2hm20muvscee
  7. Is there no performance control app? Can this rom be clocked?
  8. My keyboard Lag's in landscape but only in SMS app with this built. Anyone else?:(
  9. @ C3CO How to turn off hw acceleration for the lock screen? I can't find it in settings.
  10. Is it possible to add 3G only mod? It's the one thing that I really miss on this rom. :(
  11. If its possible i would like to have 3g only mod ;) And this is my new dayli
  12. Wifi is not fine! It is super fine! Works better than stock!
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