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  1. As soon as my N4 arrives this is going in for repair, 4 cracks on the silver bezel, 4 cracks on the screen bezel. It has never been dropped. Maybe I can swing an unlock in with it as well so it can be actually used.
  2. Seems to surprise some people :) Bless them, surely most of us knew what we were buying and still decided to buy it anyways, why do we then complain about it when we can't change it?
  3. Always lol, only take off charge when im out of the house
  4. Thank you simple fix but then again hadn't tried it in a while Edit: Nearly 800MB of logged files wonder where my space had gone.
  5. Would someone recommend me an application with root file access, I used to use ES File Explorer but it doesn't detect root on intel based CPUs wish they'd fix that. Preferably something free if possible.
  6. try cleaning the USB port out with a cotton bud or some compressed air. Turns out dust and pocket fluff can get in an made the contacts useless therefore making the port seem broken.
  7. It tells me to take the battery out :D Good luck with that.
  8. I can confirm that usb mice work but your mileage may vary. I had ome usb mouse which draws little power that worked no issues. My other mouse which draws more power didn't. Haven't been able to get my pen drive to work in it. Not that big of a deal now days cloud storage is the key :). I'll test a keyboard when I find the time to dig one out and let you know the results.
  9. Do you leave your Internet running? I use about 16% during my work hours with my Internet off so that's about 10 hours on battery
  10. Reads like this can do the job I'll look to see if I can find something better the reviews aren't great but thank you
  11. I need a widget to go on widget locker that does this lol. Did i forget to mention it in the post?
  12. This is very true, hate being locked into one display. My Go SMS popup displays over my lockscreen what i'm trying to say is i want it on my lockscreen as in a lockscreen widget that shows notifications for text messages i dont want to change my text message app.
  13. I have Go SMS with it's popup option but I would specifically like the option to view the messages at least partially from my lock screen
  14. No i want it exactly the same aha, I have an app that tells me when I have texts/email/whatapp messages and how many. But I want the display to show notifications like the iPhone doesn where it shows me the sender and part of the message then gives me the ability to jump straight to the message to respond. Maybe i'm just being picky.
  15. Installed the app, made sure busybox was installed and it doesn't appear to search for the brightness file at all. Even when I select to manually search for the file. Brightness appears to be at /sys/class/leds/intel_keypad_led/brightness or /sys/class/backlight/psb-bl/backlight[/code] A user in the forum suggested this path to test this. [CODE]while :; do echo 1 > /path/to/brightness; done;[/code] The lights do not come on when the screen is off with either line maybe I have the wrong file..
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