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  1. richardw1992

    Unlocked One S on Tesco Mobile - Need correct APN details

    Apn: prepay.tesco-mobile.com proxy: port: 8080 username: tescowap password: password MMSC: http://mmsc.mms.02.co.uk:8002 server: not set MMS port: 8080 MCC:234 MNC: 1onAuthenticatino type: not set apn type: default, supl, mms APN protocol: IPv4 APN: enabled bearer: unspecified
  2. richardw1992

    Just bought myself an HTC One S!

    If you cannot get your hands on the S4 version then personally I wouldn't bother, the Krait architecture is way way better than the older Scorpion generation, plus it features GPU updates resulting in vastly improved graphics too. Clock speed is not everything! My device arrived this afternoon, bit disappointed to find it came with ICS and I don't seem to be eligible for the Jelly Bean update yet? Perhaps it hasn't reached the UK... Either way I hope to have a custom rom on it soon! If you can hold out, for the same price as my One S, I would recommend waiting for the Nexus 4 to come back in stock, 720p screen, quad core Krait CPU, Adreno 320 GPU, its pretty much the best you can buy right now! Until we start seeing the Tegra 4 and Snapdragon S800 CPUs in phones, but that will be a few months more at least ;) Starting to go off topic now, but I only just read about the S800 Snapdragons being released today, but this really is ground breaking stuff, and most surely marks the crossover point from mobile CPUs and desktop CPUs. I mean sure this thing isn't going to be competing against any Intel Core i7s, but 4 cores clocked at 2.3GHz and Adreno 330 with twice the performance of the already supposedly "PS3 standard" 320, this thing sure is more powerful than my laptop! An interesting read here: http://www.geek.com/...e-chip-2013018/ EDIT: Just found out I have an S3 version! Model number: Z560e I am absolutely furious with Amazon, as they advertised it as having a 1.5GHz dual core, hence S4. More time wasted.... Its going straight back :(
  3. richardw1992

    Just bought myself an HTC One S!

    Picked it up unlocked and brand spanking new off of Amazon for just short of £250, seems like a bit of a steal at that price when compared to similar hardware spec'd phones, plus I get a standard years warranty on faults and Amazons helpful customer care return service if anything does go wrong. So I am feeling like its money well spent at the moment. I am currently a ZTE Blade (OSF) user, I still have my trusty blade running Jelly bean 4.2.1 atm! I was so impressed with the development support on this forum taking it from 2.1 Eclair out the box all the way up to Jelly bean today, I have been there every step of the way and has made this phone still usable when stacking up against today's modern giants. But alas, it was time for me to finally upgrade. I see there is already development in this device! And a very handy how to root thread so hopefully lots of ROMs will follow! Anyway, that is me basically saying hello, and a great big thank you in advance to all of you who have contributed to the development of this device, and the ' How To's ' as I will eagerly be reading them waiting for my phone to arrive in the post!
  4. Apologies I guess I overreacted. Clearly I still have a lot to learn about ROMs!
  5. I wasn't sure what I could replace, that is why I came here to seek advice. I thought just a straight .apk would be interchangeable but clearly there is much more to it! Your sarcasm is neither needed nor wanted. If you had taken the time to read my post carefully you would realise I was not "trying to install 4.2 without wipe over 4.1". I have long succeeded at that step, and I always wipe system / data etc. I was just trying to revert back tp the older "settings" app as I thought it contained more features, whereas in reality I have now found out those features are still present, just hidden. I did not come here to, and I did not complain? Please highlight the complaint in my comment? I respect the developers work as much as the next person, I merely came here to ask for some advice, not to complain, as that is what a forum like this is for, to help each other out. Now quite frankly I find your comment rude and unnecessary, it brings nothing to the discussion and helps nobody out. Furthermore I took the time to read the link you posted, and that too holds no relevance to what I said either. So pipe down and stop making yourself look like a fool. Google now was working perfectly for me, however I uninstalled the "google search.apk" through titanium, which I think 'google now' is integrated into, so it is also gone. Perhaps you did the same without realising?
  6. I meant to replace the 4.2.1 settings app with the older 4.1 version, not having 2 running side by side. I tried to do what I said, but the android installer attempted to override my current settings, but the installation failed halfway through. Cheers, found what I needed to enable developer options and performance options now. For anyone else who hasn't been following the whole thread go to settings -> about phone -> tap rapidly on build number -> tada!
  7. Just flashed this ROM today to replace Konstas CM10 4.1 version. However I notice that in the settings menu, the "performance" tab is not present. The phone does however support overclocking via a 3rd part app, so it is all still built into the kernel or whatever.. But if I were to extract the "settings.apk" from Konstas CM10 4.1 and install it through android on top of this CM10.1 4.2 version, would that solve my issue and restore the "performance" option within the settings menu?
  8. I see what you mean, yes that makes sense now. And I am using Smart Keyboard Pro, every time the phone is turned off it gets disabled and the default enabled, but as I have uninstalled the stock keyboard it means just google voice input is all I have enabled so it tries to make me talk at it every time! Seems this is a minor problem for Jelly Bean then, my keyboard is also not on the SD card. KonstaT - Haven't tried the new build yet, cam corder isn't important to me right now, and I haven't been having any problems with notifications so far... touch wood! But for future reference, is it safe to flash these new builds straight on top with out wiping data / cache etc and losing everything? Edit: Also wanted to add I am getting the best battery life out of this ROM I have had in years! Easily getting over 24 hours with medium usage. Personally I rarely need it to last more than 12 hours or so as I charge every night, so good to know the extra capacity is there!
  9. Flashed this ROM clean 2 days ago after running a rather laggy / glitchy coldfusionx ICS release. Was expecting this to be even worse to be honest, seeing as it is very much still in development stages, however I am very surprised with how nice it feels! First off it does feel quicker, smoother, slicker, don't know if this is anything to do with 'project butter' or just a cleaner more concise ROM than what I had before. Apart from what is already mentioned as not working, everything seems to function pretty much as it should with minimal glitches. 3G works, Wifi works, GPS locks quickly, all sensors work etc. I have however noticed one or two issues I thought I would mention. The new "hot reboot" feature appears to mess up all the settings for my keyboards. I use a 3rd party keyboard not the android one, in fact I uninstall the stock one. But every time I reboot the phone it reverts the default input method to "google voice" and actually disables my 3rd party keyboard, so I have no way of typing anything until I have gone back into settings and enabled it under inputs. Apart from a few visual artefacts occasionally the only other thing I have noticed is titanium backup pro is very tempermental, everytime I try to uninstall a system app, or restore an old app it just carries on working away for ever, and never completes the task. Eventually results in the app force closing. The non pro version of titanium will however let me uninstall system apps fine. All in all I am very impressed with the work, please keep it up! Edit: It's not just the hot reboot feature but in fact just turning the phone on and off in any manor causes input devices to divert back to google voice. Any way to uninstall google voice?
  10. richardw1992

    I take it everyones moved on. OSD failed?

    I reckon this is a close competitor, HTC Sensation XE with beats audio, sim free only £247 from Asda right now! http://direct.asda.com/HTC-Sensation-XE-Mobile-Phone-with-Beats-Audio/008721455,default,pd.html?utm_source=awin&utm_medium=aff&utm_term=76941&utm_content=Step-by-step+guides%2C+tips+%26+tricks+for+students&utm_campaign=ad&cm_mmc=ad-aff-_-awin-_-Step-by-step+guides%2C+tips+%26+tricks+for+students-_-76941
  11. richardw1992

    A *very* brief review of some features of the San Diego:

    I must admit I did use the hardware button for all of my photos, that could be the main cause of the blurring, I just didn't have time to properly experiment, but that's what you guys who bought the phone are for ;) to give us a more in depth review :P I haven't experienced the HTC One, or the GS3 but to be honest you can't really expect the camera to stack up to a £500 phone can you! I also didn't test video, but sounds like something is wrong with the ROM if a clicking noise is recoreded, maybe if you all pester Orange enough they might speed up the release of ICS with bug fixes included!
  12. Is that battery removable? It looks like it is a pretty standard slot in concept, but just curious if it is held down in anyway or has any weird ribbons connecting it to the phone? Needless; the fact you have to unscrew the back cover could make development a pain when you think about all those times you have had to 'pull' the battery due to boot loops or crashes of some sort..
  13. richardw1992

    Interesting Processor Information

    True, I imagine heat dissipation in a mobile phone will be a major problem too.
  14. Whilst there are certainly better reviews and videos on this forum and youtube etc I thought I would share my opinion with some people who perhaps aren't so able to get down to an Orange shop and try one out themselves. The guy went and got one out the back and turned it on presumably for the first time ever as they had none on display, however the battery said 100% which confused me? I had no experience of the internet as none was available but a few features I tested out: Camera: So it is 8Megapixels, that they can't lie about, but there is much more to making a good quality camera than just the number of mega pixels. The auto focus seemed to work nicely and promptly, but when I looked at the taken image it appeared rather blurry, I tried several times, perhaps just my wobbly hands, but the clarity wasn't quite what I was expecting. Certainly nowhere near the standards of the GS2 or Sony Xperia 8MP cameras. Colours also seemed quite washed out and not captured particularly vibrantly. These photos were taken under the bright lights of the store, so not daylight, but certainly not gloomy in that shop! Overall this is leagues ahead of the blades camera, but unsurprisingly can't keep up with the big brand giants. Screen: It does feel nice and big and very crisp with that high resolution, images were very sharp and impressive in that respect. However colours weren't quite as vidid as I would have liked, this is probably largely due to the fact I was lucky enough to get an AMOLED San Francisco (and still use it), so I have grown very accustomed to the lovely contrast. Blacks were displayed pretty nicely though, appeared quite dark and not grey or 'illuminated'. Brightness was obviously cranked up to full for this test. Again I couldn't take the phone out to test in daylight but lets face it all screens suck in sunlight. So those of you who are used to an AMOLED display may be disappointed with the colour reproduction, especially when coupled with the washed out images of the camera, viewing back the photos I had taken compared to the real life image in front of me was, well, quite poor. Processor: Had no means of downloading any benchmark applications due to the lack of internet. It was running gingerbread, I asked the guy about the proposed ICS update and he had little idea it even existed. The app drawer was very smooth, this running the 'Orangified' stock Gingerbread launcher. Switching in and out of apps was also fairly rapid and smooth, the settings menu was fast and snappy and scrolled well. However swiping between home screens no matter how gentle had lag and jutter, I guess this is due to the stock launcher not being very well optimized and a 3rd party one would solve this, but I would have expected the 1.6Ghz Atom to be able to cope with something like this.. Internal Storage: You only actually get about 10.5GB of usable internal storage, not the full 16GB advertised, as to be expected though. I was looking at the pay as you go handset for £199, and he asked me how much I had been topping up on my San Francisco, I was blunt and said I unlocked it and changed networks to Giffgaff (and much to my surprise he was the first phone shop employee to have actually heard of them), he was more shocked when I told him what I got for a measly £10 a month though, left him a bit speechless to be honest. I had the cheek to ask him if they would unlock it for me, he said they wouldn't but customer service were capable of doing it and will do so, so basically he didn't want to just sell me the handset unlocked on the spot. I have heard rumours before that you have to wait 3 months before Orange will charge you £20 or so for the unlock. Lastly he said if you already have a pay and go sim and wish to upgrade (so all you old San Francisco users providing your sim is still active! Or if you have a family member on Orange) you don't have to purchase a new one saving you that £10 top up on top of the handset price. Just remember this phone needs a microsim though.
  15. Not sure how reliable this information is, but I stumbled across this website and found it to be an interesting read: http://www.cpu-world...Atom Z2460.html Most of the information seems to compare to what intel say about their processor here (http://download.inte...cessorZ2460.pdf) The interesting bit I find is Intel says the processor has "BPT Burst Performance Technology" with no speeds quoted except for the 1.6Ghz standard clock. Whereas cpu-world says it has a clock speed of 1.3Ghz with turbo mode of up to 2Ghz?, which in that case perhaps means if and when over-clocking becomes available it could probably handle stable speeds of up to 2Ghz. Also a bit more information here: http://www.cpu-world...martphones.html Which goes on to say they plan to bring out a Z2580 dual core which cpu-world quote a standard clock of 1.3Ghz again (so likely to be higher for final release?) and a turbo mode of 1.8Ghz. Assuming its on the same design as the current Z2460 it is likely to reach safe clock speeds of 2Ghz again except this time in dual core form, that will have some serious power behind it for a mobile phone! (stats here: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Atom/Intel-Atom%20Z2580.html) Furthermore intel plan to bring out a more 'budget' Z2000 1Ghz atom chip for lower end phones, with these expecting to be shipping by mid 2012, and the dual core Z2580 by early 2013, and the current Z2460 already in circulation (San Diego) looks like there will be an increasing demand for development for the x86 intel processors! Hope someone enjoyed those links!

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