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  1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/general/general/zte-blade-s6-to-t3018031 No root as of yet...1 instance of poor battery life Looks nice witha good camera The s7yler review vid starts at about 8.30mins
  2. thanks alot for the updates, i must have miss read the merimobiles prices $ / £ , and £108 isnt unreasonable for an octacore phone, although since im looking for something that neednt be top spec for work the camera /satnav was my priority im guess im looking at maybe a snapdragon soc. a humble MM thanks for your patience
  3. LOL you guys are far too serious, you all need to take a chill pill. Just because you hang out here doesnt mean you own the thread. Ive aready apologised to the poster who suggested the F1, which is over £150, so not a "budget" phone and Ive also thanked Dakok for his extensive insight into the market. Even the Mods have acknowledged the thread is going in the wrong direction. Accept a few words of constructive critisism and move on. I dont even know why your even responding to this as you werent even addressed in the orignal post. I asked for asistance for selecting a phone to which 1 person replied. Have a nice evening. MM
  4. Booommmm. And were back on thread.... Many thanks for all of your responses. I appologise for the coolpad sentiment as i thought it was a 5.5 incher. I was intending to draw the hive mind of the thread to seek alternatives for a budget handset. My internet resources on chinese phones consists of this forum and GizChina, with this being my "goto" knowledge base. Many months ago before i bought my first chinese handset this forum was alight with new phones, cheap alteratives for almost any budget and phone size (vowney v 5, jaiyu g3 thl w300, but recently the thread has turned into a chat room with very little info about new phones, with exception of the ones that are currently being acquired by forum members. Thanks Dakok for the info regarding sar ratings and for alternatives on the F1. Ill look into them. Can you suggest any internet alternative about china phones Dayler, you obvouisly missed my review of the Doogee DG2014 3 months ago. Im a contributor as well as a forum user. Its thanks to this forum that i know what i do about Chinese phones and I appreciate that the population of the forum is small so could all contributors in future keep the content posted relevant and concise. Again apologies for lighting the fire, but the result is a credit to the contributors who have a genuine interest in the chinese market. MM
  5. Cmon, wheres that weath of knowledge about the China phone industry. This thread is turning into how long it takes your phone to arrive and whether you had to pay duty. The cool pad f1 is a 5.5 inch brick. Any other suggestions? Looks like I'll have to brave the China phone industry alone.
  6. HI All, Ive had a newman K1 5.3 incher, a Doogee 2014 5.0 incher and im now looking for a cheap work phone. Its gonna get dirty and scratched but id like another 5.0 inch screen. The GPS really needs to work. Screen res isnt really a proirity but a good camera is. can anyone point me in the right direction. MM
  7. for fixing your gps follow this guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnY_425NgB0
  8. OK, Reset region, dload eurozone EPO and delete MTK data. Cold start = 13 seconds Full start = 21 seconds AGPS = 20 seconds Ive not tested google navigation yet but will test tomorrow. on the Newman K1a Google maps shows me in the front garden of my house. on the Doogee DG2014 google maps puts me in the back garden. both accurate to about 10 meters sat at a window with only part of the sky visible. Pretty good i guess. hope that helps MM
  9. Doogee DG 2014 bought from Merimobiles. First impression of the phone that it is sleek and incredibly light although has a substantial feel in the hand, maybe its because i have a Newman K1a 5.3inch phone that weighs in at a 242g compared with the featherlight 180g of the dg2014 which makes it feel so light. The Doogee have incorporated the new OGS (one glass system) in its display thus relieveing the unit if an unncessary weight. The second thing that one cannot fail to notice is the ear splitting boot animation music. It definately wants to draw attention to itself and is bold and brash in every sense. Its so loud i immediately rooted the unit using Vroot and hunted down the offending file (system/media/bootmusic.wav and shutdownmusic.wav) and renamed the files so they no longer offend those of a nervous disposition. The external speaker gave an excellent rendition of Kasabians "Shoot the runner" when tested at full tilt. A little distortion but for a phone it held its own. A discernable tune at full volume. In call sound was also crisp and audible on the Tmobile network and the 3G operated fine over the WCDMA 2100 frequency. Im guessing Orange, EE and Virgin mobile sims would also fair well on this band. Once booted a quick check of the Android OS ver 4.2.9 includes the Playstore. The OS is a pretty much uncluttered vanilla version of android with few bundled apps which is great not having to unburden it of its bloatware. The quad core 1.3GHz MTK chip is slick with no lag and was very responsive. Further exploation revealed the unit utilises smart SomatoSensory gestures which allow users to unlock the device or flick between gallery photos with just a wave of the hand albeit at very close proximity to the sensor. The only useful feature to my mind was maybe answering calls handsfree whilst driving. Ill admit its a rather useless feature but did give the feeling of having a device from the future although its acually from shenzhen. The casing design of crisp lines and square edges give the phone a professional feel and its bright and sharp 5.0 inch 1280x720 screen doesnt fail to deliver. The power and volume buttons are again well defined like the unit and have discernable edges that are easliy located within ones grasp. The rear camera though is a rather unwelcome protrusion which would easily become scratched over time with placing the phone down face up. Only the supplementary case ($6.99) could prevent the carbuncle being erroded over time. The 13mega pixel (8 meg interpolated) camera however does shape up as suitable substitute from your digital slr, but only in good/fair daylight conditions. The LED flash isnt really upto the job of illuminating pooly lit subjects in evening or clubland conitions. Under the bonnet the DG2014 has dual sims (primary 3G micro and 2G nano) and dual standby so no more carrying a work phone and a personal phone. Ill admit it did take me a while to locate the primary slot. Its located directly waifered underneath the nano/sd card level and not immeidatley obvious to a non tecky like myself. Dual sim Ringtone from the playstore might help you differentiate between work and play and the onboard Sim management option offers to keep contacts on separate sims as opposed to an amalgamated hotch potch of duplicated contacts. The GPS on initial start up locked on to my location quite quickly although was rather inaccurate. Ill put this down to it being set up to look for chinese satellites which ill see if i can resolve via mobile unlkle later. Resetting them to UK base stations was a reletively straight forward task for my Newman K1A so ill give the Doogee the benefit of the doubt for the sort term. The battery, rated at 1750mah gave my about a day and a half of heavy use so stood up well for a 5 inch screen. Overall a great unit for £108 although the extras do rather add up upon reflection. The case, pre installed screen protector and shipping (£17) brought the final total to about £130. The final hammer blow was struck by DHL with a £19 charge for import duty although i escaped last time so "ya win some ya lose some" All in all i doubt youd get an unlocked, dual sim 5.0 inch quad core phone in the uk for anything around the same price. So over all im pleased with the unit and wouldnt hesitate to buy again from overseas.
  10. i had this issue with my skate when i ran out of memory to install apps. i had to uninstall summut or use links to sd. is the new rom too big or your partition sizes correct. Ive just ordered one of these ill let yall know when it arrives MM
  11. Anyone useed ant3life at all? Looking for a review of their service
  12. Im up for a new phone and have chosen a couple... an anyone help with my choice..? Itz either the zoppo zp780 or the doogee dg2014 both at merimobiles . Is one significantly better than the other or arethey simlairly specced. Thanks MM
  13. ok, thinner and lighter but is it as strong. i think the phone i linked to has ogs but doesnt mention gorilla glass, are they always combined or is the one linked to lacking in strength
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