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  1. Got it working. For some reason the APN had changed to o2 from Tesco when I installed the new Rom.
  2. I have had to revert to 06/01 version as I can't get 3G. I don't have it toggled to 2g only. Everything else works just fine. Any help please ?
  3. just an update my sd card after upgrade to the rom is locked. i cannot format at all with the skate,xp or win7. when i try to delete the files manually,it deletes on the pc but when i insert it back to the skate the files are still there. just want to know what is the problem and why did it occur due to the rom install. anyone else has this problem when upgrading to this rom? thanks Coulld you have an incompatible sd card?. I remember the Blade being picky about different cards and sizes. There was a topic with test reports on what worked. I have never had a problem using a Sandisk 16gb card.
  4. I sorted my calendar not syncing by the simple step of installing the google calendar app from play store (the app with the icon which shows 31). Once installed the sync button appeared in settings/accounts/google. I then uninstalled the native calender with Titanium and all is well.
  5. Hi, upgraded from CFX2 with a full wipe. First impressions are very good, however I can't get calendar to work. It asks to add new calendar/new account but it won;t allow me to do this. Any help would be very much appreciated. (It also didn't work for me in CFX2)
  6. Hi Tillaz Excellent rom of which I've been a long time user. I have just upgraded from R10 to the current version. My question for the experts is - can the rom be unrooted albeit temporarily. I was hoping to install a couple of banking apps but Barclays won't allow installs to rooted devices. Hide my root works for the su binary but not the apk. Thanks
  7. The app I used on my blade was by lytsing.
  8. "My Phone Number" from the Market worked for me on my Blade. Worth a try.
  9. "My Phone Number" from the Market worked for me on my Blade. Worth a try.
  10. Latest update not working. The icon remains red logcat_and_device_info.zip
  11. This is not the problem as I don't have an Orange signal (of any flavour) at home.
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