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  1. skull_fcuk

    Why there's no SD cards in Nexus devices

    i agree with some aspects of the 'no sd' argument, but the amount of storage in these devices doesnt reflect their implied status. I agree they should come with 32 or 64gb, as memory is cheap in both price and space, so it's difficult to see why it isnt done. i use a 64gb micro sd in my S3 and a 32gb in my TF300. What's frustrating for me, is that when i recently took my phone and 64gb card to a photo printing shop, i found that while i could easily print from my micro sd, the system couldnt pair via bluetooth or usb with my phone, leaving many good photos unreachable because they were on internal memory.
  2. skull_fcuk

    What's new in Android 4.2?

    The Galaxy S3 has that feature, and had it before iPhone5. It's a good feature though, and it's a shame it's not more widespread throughout Android.
  3. skull_fcuk

    Google releases 'Field Trip' local discovery app

    Have it installed on my TF300T and my Galaxy S 3, will let you know how they work out.
  4. skull_fcuk

    The 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 cometh

    FFS! I just bought the blue one! :P
  5. I had a few teething problems, with errors showing and damaged card warnings,but i just formatted and went for it. works fine. files over 4gb are unnessecery to my mind.
  6. skull_fcuk

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    ive just upgraded to a Samsung S3, but wanted to thank the hard work of everyone involved in getting this ROM and install procedures out for us to use. I gave my G300 to my brother and decided to treat him to ICSvia this thread. I downgraded to B892, then OTA to B897, then installed this. Had to use the middle package, but it went smooth, and what a difference to the phone since the upgrade. Smooth, fast, and slick. My brother is very very happy, and that makes me happy. Thanks again guys.
  7. I have the same 64gb Class 10 Sandisk card, and it works fine. By the way, this phone is amazing, considering I upgraded from a Huawei G300 :D
  8. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    It'll be good when I've moved content from old to new. Can't imagine needing more space :)
  9. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    This is my 64gb card score.
  10. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    I think it should be obvious which is my cl4 32gb sandisk and which is my cl10 64gb sandisk card.
  11. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    I think it should be obvious which is my cl4 32gb sandisk and which is my cl10 64gb sandisk card.
  12. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    This is my last result with the new card. Bit of a difference from 2483.
  13. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    My old score was 2483 so a bit of an improvement. Anything anyone wants a screenshot of in particular?
  14. skull_fcuk

    64gb micro sd card cl10

    Well, I've finally returned home after a bloody long trip and have got some good news to report. My 64gb cl10 Sandisk micro SD card is working and after being formatted is showing just under 60gb of space available:D Can't believe it. I'll edit this post hopefully with a screenshot and some antutu scores or something. Great news eh?
  15. happens for me also, and on my blade too. I remedy this by turning down the call volume and flipping the phone over and putting the speaker to my ear. Works great, until i get a notification, at which point the other side of my head explodes! WTF Skype??

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