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  1. clockwork_LS

    Galaxy Tab now with Honeycomb

    link also works for me... plus very up to date! still waiting on a decent GSM rom, but i am patient and spacemoose1 is working hard so i can't complain.
  2. clockwork_LS

    Has anyone tried the 1.4GHz Kernel after MoDaCo Kernel?

    flashed it then the battery sensors went to hell and it would not let me do anything... i pushed the sensors file like he said but it did nothing to help... would not let me charge as the temp to high and low at the same time.. back to MCR r1
  3. I guess the same question as the title, anyone try the Overcome Kernel v2.1.4 with the MoDaCo custom ROM Fr1? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=932082
  4. clockwork_LS

    NEED URGENT HELP with GT-P1000

    That happened to me, the screen is blank black, and has the phone and laptop logo, you can still connected to ODIN and flash the rom again, just try see if that works, it has multiple redundancies and will allow you to often come back from a brick...
  5. clockwork_LS

    Battery Temp C

    *#*#4636#*#* and then battery info, and it never changes from 30°C, i can only wonder what i wrong is there another temp sensor for the tab or is the only one for the battery?
  6. clockwork_LS

    [NEWS] Finnaly Honeycomb 3.0 on Galaxy TAB

    made same mistake a few weeks ago, thought it was new and was from november... :( did google ever put a minimum CPU specification for honeycomb? not that it matters, as i saw someone with honeycomb on the G1.
  7. clockwork_LS

    Battery Temp C

    my battery temp always shows 30°C and it bugs me... anyone else have the say annoying issue? or is it always simply 30?
  8. clockwork_LS

    How do you feel about buying Gameloft games?

    tried to buy them, lost interest when they were not in the market... market so handy. is there a download limit for the market? need for speed shift is in the market and that is 130MB+
  9. clockwork_LS

    Do you use your tab as a tablet or phone ?

    both i suppose... but rarely need to call so not a big issue, when out and about always have headset with me, or if i feel i need to break the tension/ice breaker, call without headset, when i do the girls swoon. :(
  10. clockwork_LS

    10 things I love having installed on my Galaxy Tab

    Thanks paul, i have adopted several of your tips, here my top 10: DropBox Tweetdeck (thanks paul) gingerbread keyboard (thanks paul) Timetable Switzerland (Where the trains are on time :( ) Adobe Reader Wallet Aldiko Listen Skype WhatsApp
  11. clockwork_LS

    best launcher for Galaxy Tab?

    i don't know, i have tried a few, and i enjoyed the lack of notification bar for a while. ended up doing a wipe and sticking to the stock launcher, dont know why... it just feels solid enough. actually anyone know of a third party widget like the "active applications" one? so handy
  12. clockwork_LS

    TAB + Honeycomb possible?

    I really dont think there is any reason to get upset, in no way am I forcing anyone to do anything they dont want to do. Hard to see why you are so upset, this is a simple thread asking if anyone is porting Honeycomb, and if so what the limitations of Honeycomb are for a device released prior to, and not abiding by, a pure tablet google experience.
  13. clockwork_LS

    TAB + Honeycomb possible?

    i hope not negate, but the point is that it will none the less use the screen buttons as they are integrated with the notification bar as well... i guess the TAB is a little confused as to what it should be, phone like or tab like, either was i hope someone ports it soon, my tab works well and i hate that, i need to do stuff to it. plus the nook colour has a honeycomb port, why dont we!!!???!!! is there hardware acceleration for the UI in Honeycomb?
  14. clockwork_LS

    TAB + Honeycomb possible?

    i really hope you are right... i want to have some kind of 3.0 on my tab, even only as an option, as the use of the integrated screen buttons will remove valuable screen real-estate. i dont know what is best, a Phone like GUI or tablet GUI.
  15. clockwork_LS

    TAB + Honeycomb possible?

    I was just wondering if similar to my HTC Hero, the TAB will be quite so amazingly supported of the coming year by moders. CM7 does not even release a custom Galaxy TAB rom (official), i am starting to worry that 2.2 Froyo will be the highest it will ever go. Is there someone that is working on getting 3.0 on the TAB?

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