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  1. I've had the original Orange San Francisco model for about 16 months now, can anyone advise what to look at next? Nothing to expensive as I've been OK with the San Francisco. Orange keep letting me know there is now a San Francisco II available and I've also seen the Orange Monte Carlo. Are either of these worth moving to or should I stick with what I've got? Thanks for looking.
  2. Is it possible to have pre-set phrases ready on the Blade, something where you can hit one key and send the phrase as a text message? There is something like this on the Orange Miami phone, that has a list of messages and you can make your own.
  3. Thanks again to everyone for all the help. The nearest I've come to some kind of order is to rotate the landscape images on the PC before downloading. Sequencing the images with numbers didn't change the order at all, the images all changed order on the download. At the moment I've turned the automatic screen orientation off, this has helped a bit. Thanks again.
  4. I'm still having problems getting the images I've downloaded to show in the order I want them. Some vertical images (Portrait) are mixed in with the horizontal (Landscape) images. This means the phone needs to be rotated to see them at their full size. I tried putting them in order on the PC and then downloading but they were still mixed up on the Blade. Any help or advice please?
  5. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated. All I have to do now is find a way of seperating the landscape and portrait format images so I don't keep having to turn the phone on its side and back again. I'll try and do it before I download to the Blade as I doubt it can be done on there.
  6. Thanks for the help Swim. I've got the phone connected to my PC but can't seem to be able to download any images. Don't really know how to make sure they're going onto the SD card or should it do that automatically?
  7. As a wildlife photographer I'd like to download a few of my favourite images to the Blade. Can anyone please advise the best way to do it, are there any special sizes I need to make the images, will it slow the phone down at all storing a few images? Apologies for all the questions.
  8. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Select Weather Application on the list is greyed out and seems to be non selectable. Any advice please?
  9. When I got the SF/Blade, on of the things I did was to install the Fancy Widget flip clock and the weather that comes with it. Does anyone know if there's any other weather apps available for use with the Fancy Widgets clock? The results I get for my local area are mostly way out, they generally show a good difference to forecasts given by the BBC, Met Office etc. I know most of the forecasters are pretty rubbish at getting the weather right, but they all seem better than what I get with Fancy Widget.
  10. Just bought one of the Nillkin cases for the Orange SF, in the pack was a small pad for cleaning the screen. As the pads are not the easiest thing to use when you have big hands, I just wondered in anyone knew what the material used on the pad was? Maybe I could get hold of a bigger piece to make screen cleaning a bit easier.
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