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  1. Hello.the 2 sims can be used in same time? can you accept calls,receive sms same time from both sims?
  2. Does anyone know how to root this phone? This is the only thing that holds me from buying this phone.I was satisfied from liquid mt and as it is not going to take ics i think that gallant will be a good upgrade
  3. it is it`s compatibillity with other phones that take official updates.So devs have a good starting point for new roms.Same happens with htc hd2.Because there is desire/nexus one with same cpu/gpu some things are more easier to port.
  4. hello.can you upload a version with graphic glitches and flashlight fixed; Thank you
  5. hello guys.Can anybody tell me if this cm7 rom is multilanguage; i mean if it have all cm7 languages and not only the pre-installed in original metal rom
  6. personally i believe that acer will give officially ics to metal.This time they sell phone with gingerbread so an update will be psysical continue.Also i dont see any new phone from them that compares to metal.And the release of the bigger acer iconia smart goes further and further...
  7. this kernel works ok with stock rom 2.3.6.The newer 201107 doesnot boot
  8. i moved to link2sd way and it is ok for now.Thanks for your great work.I have metal for basic phone and hd2 for experiments :P so i will stay to this compilation for now. The next big thing i am waiting is a full working cm7 rom for metal
  9. i made it to boot in gingerouney with clean install.It boots ok but it seems it doesnt recognize the ext partition.I try from a2sd gui app to move apps in ext partition but it doesnt work.It fails.Maybe this is the reason that it doesnt boot before at least for me without clean install.I had apps+ dalvik in sd-ext partition
  10. Personally i cant make a full backup with 2.2 too.When i try to take nandroid + sd-ext backup i have error
  11. i made a nandroid backup in gingerouney 3.0 rom but it skips sd-ext.It says sd-ext not found but i have and i am using ext-partition in the rom
  12. I am using boot test 5 low voltage version.I charge the phone and it go up to 97%.Then i left it in charger and instead of going to 98%,it goes 96,95,94,93 until 90 and then it goes again up.By the way,you make great work and i dont want to go back to 5%. I will keep it this way,until your next rom or until acer gives us ics
  13. With original kernel from your rom thread i charge battery all night and at morning was at 63% I close device and when open it,it show 90% battery.With test 3 kernel it doesnt go more than 90% very easy like before.I see that battery charges more slow than original kernel
  14. I am using titanium backup for user apps+data. Ι see that not only in this rom and not only with the new kernel if the min freq for cpu is 245 or 122 when you open device from standby it has lag for 2-3 seconds.If i set min freq to 368mhz is ok. Does anyone else has this issue;
  15. Thank you.Everything work ok in your rom
  16. Thank you.This new kernel will have also 1% battery meter;
  17. i have also this issue with every rom 2.3+.i open device from standby and for the first 2-3 seconds it has very big lag.it is more noticeable with go launcher ex.With adw launcher it is less noticeable.
  18. i have also this issue with every rom 2.3+.i open device from standby and for the first 2-3 seconds it has very big lag.it is more noticeable with go launcher ex.With adw launcher it is less noticeable.
  19. hello.Can you add or tell me how to add a2sd in your rom like gingerouney has; Link2sd is good but in gingerbread after reboot we have to re-link lib files again edit problem solved.Νew link2sd v1.9.1 links automatically lib files after reboot B)
  20. i tried it in previous roms but it doesnt work as it should be work for greek launguage.In settings--->launguage and keyboard--->select launguage it changes to greek but all the menus are still in english.But with this way i can have greek menu in navigon.Because navigon doesnt have option inside the app for language and it reads system language.The bad thing is that i have to run locale app,every time after reboot.
  21. instead of 2.3.5 personally i prefer acer to give kernel sources for 2.3.4 roms
  22. thanks.i dont know what is going wrong with camera in my phone.I flashed t&l metal rom and same issue.So for now i went back to official rooted it and for now everything seems to work ok
  23. thank you.voice settings work now. camera work ok for you; it gives me fc.I also re-install rom but nothing changed
  24. hello.when i go to settings--->voice input & output--->text to speech settings it crashes. is there any solution; thank you
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