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  1. dbaseii

    CIDotW - Zopo ZP900 / H9500 Leader

    Just ordered a Zopo C2 platinum. Might take up to 15 days to arrive
  2. dbaseii

    Versions of Jiayu G4

    Decided to buy a zopo c2 platinum from antelife (where I bought my G3)
  3. dbaseii

    Versions of Jiayu G4

    While browsing antelife web site when it comes to buying mtk chipset phone they have a disclaimer "All MTK CHIPS Phones GPS signal strong or weak , depands on the support of local GPS signals."
  4. dbaseii

    Versions of Jiayu G4

    Anyone know if the gps works well ss the G3 was terrible
  5. dbaseii

    Versions of Jiayu G4

    Hi guys I'm looking at buying a G4 but there seems to be two versions. Basic and advanced. When looking for one to buy the sellers don't make it obvious which version they are selling. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the support kyan31. I didn't need to get insulted from a "newbie"
  7. As I posted the question in the Electra section its obvious that I am talking about the Electra rom
  8. This is an excellent rom. It revived my g300 from an overheating/shutdown error. I am get a daily update ,V3 CMR4 - Patched 2, but when I click to download I get an "md5 error - downloaded file is invalid" Any ideas?
  9. How is the GPS? On the Jiayu G3 it was pretty bad I use my phones for geocachingnso the gps accuracy and lock times are important for me
  10. I have just broken my Jiayu G3 while trying to fix the gps problem. I now get "No Service" I am now a bit wary of buying another Chinese phone in case I have gps problems again. Is the gps problem just with mediatek chipsets?
  11. dbaseii

    G3 gps not working

    Turning off wifi doesn't work for me.
  12. dbaseii

    G3 gps not working

    Just an update. GPS Essentials gets a lock in less than a minute

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