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  1. Thank you. Where can I find a guide or a link to the stock firmware, so I can keep it just in case? G510-0100, build number ends with B170
  2. I just bought a Huawei Ascend G510-0100 (italy, unbranded). However, the phone is sometimes sluggish and I hate EmotionUI. I'd like to try Cyanogenmod 10.1, Jellybeer or, if it's usable, CM11. If I unlock the bootloader (with dc unlocker), can I flash the stock rom back and lock the bootloader to keep the warranty?
  3. Ken`

    noSBC kernel

    Hi. Is Wildmonk's kernel SBC? If it is, which noSBC aosp kernel do you suggest? (I'm using MIUI)
  4. Hi. I have a Nexus One bought from Vodafone (instead of being "passion" it's "passion-vf"). I rooted it, tried some roms (Cyanogenmod, etc.) but I want to go back to Android Stock. If I flash this rom, will it be "no brand" (will I recieve updates like a USA Nexus One?)? Will the phone work in Europe? To use "fastboot flash boot boot.img" and other commands, do I have to unlock my bootloader (It's locked, rooted without unlocking it). Do I have to flash userdata.img? When I'll flash this, will I be able to normally upgrade to Gingerbread using OTA updates?
  5. Very interesting, I hope he'll still have some Blades in March ;)
  6. Ken`


    What about sending it from Italy and saying to deliver it to an UK address after repairing it? I have some friends in the UK However, Switzerland is not an option because it's not in the EU, maybe Austria, but I can't find it in the yesss website
  7. Ken`


    Well, UK is in EU too, but will they delivery the phone to Italy after an eventual replacement or repair?
  8. Do you know which websites does or doesn't do it? Does Argos cancel orders?
  9. Hi. I want to get an Orange San Francisco, but I'm not from UK, I'm from Italy. If I get one, will it still have the warranty? There are no Orange centers here. Knowing that mail forwarding is quite expensive (>30€), is it worth buying this phone knowing that if it's damaged or if it gets broken, I can't repair or replace it (unless sending it to UK, >60€)?
  10. Can I use a non-UK debit card but UK delivery address? Or do I have to give money to some friend of mine in the UK and then he should buy the phone?
  11. I'm from Italy, too. I'm thinking about buying this smartphone on play.com, but then I would need a mail-forwarding service or something similiar. Do you know any? What about the warranty? Will I be able to use it if needed?

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