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  1. Ive got S4 mini LTE I9195 on jb 4.2.2 which is BTU. Can i update to carrier specific kitkat firmware i.e xef, vod will it work fine and then when a btu kitkat firmware is released change to that.
  2. Ah that would make more sense never even thought of that as im using the San Francisco as a spare never gave it a thought put my sim in will try that thank you.
  3. Right i will check camera thank you but have any of you got any ideas why the rom before i removed some apps and after im getting the same message (unfortunately the process com android.phone has stopped) doing my head in now. I have changed roms loads of time from ginger stir fry from original froyo roms right through never got this message.
  4. Yes my question ive never heard of it that's why wrote what was it got no reply.
  5. I did that on the old rom maybe it wasnt gallery it was the app that displays the pictures but im sure it was gallery i use quickpic and the camera worked fine. Quickpic loads the pictures much faster than native gallery.
  6. I did try original rom twice i thought i was having the problem because of lack of space so tried removing apps i didnt need give me extra space and STILL get same message.
  7. 12mb left ive trimmed some of the rom no apollo,live wallpapers voice recorder,gallery,latin desk clock things i wouldnt use and i should have enough room with the recommended 160mb partition.
  8. wiped everything data cache dalvik reset everything if i wipe sd card the rom wont be on it to install, and ive tried this 3 times now getting same message when trying sign in google account sign into wifi the phone does work just slow.
  9. After fresh install of the 03/07 rom with full wipe i keep getting message (unfortunately the process com android.phone has stopped) can anyone help me please.
  10. That link just takes me to a page here Upgraded to AT&T Sx 56 WM2003 ROM but, there are a few b
  11. Thank you can you post a link ive tried to search only coming up with s2 for cm7
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