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  1. wow! FA you seem more busy than ever! You have done more work for the Blade since you broke yours! Personally I still have my blade but I also got myself a Htc HD2 very very cheap on ebay. I still use my blade though for various things including using it on my racing cycle for gps/cycle computer functions. One thing I have come across that I think you will find interesting is the work another dev "Dorimanx" has being doing in his roms for the HD2 In short he has developed a kernal that gives a virtual amount of ram that really speeds things up. Add to this that his roms also allow for swap using the sd card. Heres a link to his rom thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1166948 and his kernal thread:- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1322639 Its very clever stuff and if these ideas could be applied to the Blade it would really speed our little phones up greatly just as it has for the HD2.
  2. I actually use cm7 on my other 2 Android devices and have used it for a long time. Every so often I flash it onto my blade but lets face it, what I said is still true compared to this rom.The last Blade nightly I tried I think was N242.
  3. With the ICS and Honeycomb source codes just being released wouldnt it be better to put your efforts in that direction? ICS 360 would be a dream!
  4. Why do a cm7 version? Its slow and has crap battery life. The total opposite of what you have made!
  5. You have to be one of the most silly people ive ever seen on a forum. You were one of the people who was talking trash on wbaws original thread and I feel this forum should have banned you for the constant rubbish you came out with at that time. Its not kissing up to wbaw that people are doing, we simply agree with him on his points. Wbaw is to the point and doesnt take any s***...there is nothing wrong with that. I never said people who stand up to abuse should be banned. Reread what I said and digest it fully. Lastly if people cant face the hard truth then frankly they should put their cotton wool suits back on and stay at home and avoid the internet. So now your going to give me alot of abuse as well just like you did wbaw and you know what? I really dont care because your opinion means nothing to me based on the constant rubbish you talk.
  6. Quitted? Is that a new word now? I think you mean quit! As for him stopping further development on his own rom to assist CM7 isnt that a good thing to do? CM7 is a melting pot of minds working towards great roms for the community. I dont think you thought about anything! Have another think about it!
  7. These people who have attacked wbaw should be banned from this forum, they have contributed nothing at all except negativity. Wbaw on the other hand has contributed a great deal. Think about it.
  8. Ive had some days now using this rom and I have to say its perfect! I really love it :) Not only is it the smoothest rom ive used its also the fastest and has the best battery life. A real allrounder!
  9. I ended up with blade mix 360. The best battery life of any rom available and with some really nice looks and themes.
  10. Something is eating your battery and its not this rom. I have 4d 9hours on my blade and have 47% battery. Ive been using the phone each day for apps,calls and sms. I use wifi abit for updates, never use 3g and dont play games,thats what my pc is for :)
  11. I just tested this and it is working as intended for me. I can put whatever contact I like as a favorite and it keeps :)
  12. They have different launchers. You can, as I have done, use your own fav launcher anyway with any version :) I would suggest trying the ICS version because its the closest your gonna come to Ice cream sandwich before the source code is released.
  13. Fantastic wallpaper pack! Some of my current favorites are in there and some new ones to! Great stuff :)
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