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  1. Hey, man, don't feel miserable, you are a part of the community ;) I also think that multitouch is a matter of software and it could be done for the Racer, so we should not give up :) I think Racer gets more feedback than some of the high-end phones..... ;] Anyway, what is that we didn't listen to you ? :)
  2. Hi Racerboy, ups ups ups, good work, man :) I was wondering, you say for every ROM that you need a full wipe... well, if I am following your work and I have 221 and want to update to 224 is there a need to wipe? I mean if we follow and update from the last version to the newer, do we have to wipe every time? Cause it takes more time hehe ;]
  3. Thanks, I will post links from your site with a label "Racerboy's" (already posted one). Spread the word, ya know ;) Long live ZTE Racer, I am surprised how much feedback and dev it receives. I am sure we will have 4.0 by the end of the year (rofl) :D :D :D
  4. Hi Racerboy, I don't PM you, cause I am not your personal friend(following your earlier statement) I was about to ask you whether you allow me to do something. I support the Bulgarian Android forum with links and info about ROM for the Racer particular (we have it under our operator logo here), but I tell who is the developer and where is it from (not stealing ROMs, just pointing them out). The point was - do you allow me to give the links to your ROMs or not? Anyway good work except for the calibration... waiting for deadlink to write the new module of the screen. Have anyone tried the kernel for racer with USB devices recognition? Has anyone tried Racer Android 3.0 ROM ? I did, but the screen was 180 degrees rotated and I am waiting for a newer release, but still it's ass-kicking idea. Thanks.
  5. If you say "BRICK" the phone at OS level, then you always have Recovery and can revert to something working... Need expert opinion here ;]
  6. 1 - You can try a newer version of the gapps :} 2 - As I know, there is a part of the RAM, which you cannot acces and is primary reserved for some system bullshit. Am I wrong or Am I right? If I am wrong, please someone correct me so I can learn it right :)
  7. People say, after every install of new ROM, the old battery stats must be wiped away, because they present the previous battery usage. Anyway, after you charge to 100%, clean the file and then what? Discharge it to under 5% and then full charge, or after the clean of the battery stats do again a charge to "add the missing battery charges you can get" ? By the way, there are some programs in the market that list the volts of your battery during charge. I read somewhere that there is a special number (around 3945 volts or something) that when it is reached, your battery is charged the best, cause when it says "100%" and is beneath that number, it's not a full charge. Again, I found that 1100 mAh too little for the racer :}}} I want to buy a battery with which I can be calm leaving "mobile data" ON the whole day and surf whether I want and listen music for the whole day (and after that, maybe a charge). Can you help with that (a new battery I mean) And for last, but not least, thanks Racerboy, you and your mates are what is keeping the racer over HTC Wildfire (the badword, HTC Wildfire 2.2 sucks at angry birds, it's so sluggish... HUAWEI Ideos is a little better with gingerbread aaand here comes the racer... SMOOTH at angry birds, even downclocking the CPU to 480 gives smooth play... not to mention NFS Shift...). Now that you are here the forum seems so alive. I want TigTex to be back as well, he's another master of ROMS ;]. I also miss deadlink, rexchun and ricky (where are you guys?). If all of you were here, it'd be a great competition hahaha. Support you work ++
  8. I've installed the last rom, I it's kernel is deadlink's aaaand.... the screen calibration is bad. No offense to deadlink, I know him and he is doing great, but that may not be his last kernel. Anyway, the rom is very smooth, cheers =)
  9. welcome back aboard tigtex, glad ur finally ok :) =]
  10. I am very surprised none ever complied about that: the very very hard to pull down notification bar. Can that be fixed? The screen is inaccurate enough still, but hope it will be fixed. Anyway, I follow the updates and see how the Racer gets better and better :) Thank you guys. Racerboy, the question was for you ;)
  11. This happens sometimes. You can just reflash the ROM and try if that works for ya. I had that problem also, it appears after some installs, don't know why. If reflashing (just installing the ROM over again) doesn't help for you, try deleting the dalvic cache and the cache also and then try again.
  12. The newest russian roms are becoming so good that we can hardly complain by anything! I think that the improvements in battery life are one of the most worth changes. Anyway, I don't like that cyanogen deleted a setting in the call menu -> to change the buttons UI to hidden keyboard. That really prevented the clicking with ears. We don't have proximity sensor to be safe from this problem, so that change is really bad for us. But still, excellent work!!!
  13. ADW is no better than Go, I've been using ADW EX for a long time before changing to Go Launcher. ADW is slower and on the newest ROMs Go launcher is faster. Like all launchers, after some RAM-taking app (like Opera Mobile) it has a second or two of rendering, but it is good. As for the drawer - often refreshing...it is kind of annoying, but Racer has just a little RAM aaand it has even less if you look at the monitoring... why do we have so little RAM? How much is the Android taking by default anyway, and can that RAM be decreased or some changes made to it? I'm gonna try the newest recovery and the newest #164 ROM :)
  14. Well, I've been using Go Keyboard for some time, and not only it is good for typing (I seem to push the letter I want most of the time!) but it hardly gives any typing bugs. Anyway, I find Go Launcher as my personal favorite, the best homescreen replacement and it's products are also a good piece of work.
  15. Indeed a good rom. Battery life is confusing me. At some state of percentage is very strong, and on other - weak. Maybe the method for calculating the battery percentage needs to be rewritten or ... Anyway, I stick to this ROM and wait for every update :) I was with mooncake 1.113 and then transfered to #152 and after that #158. It ain't a mistake that after the mooncake I didn't wipe (I'm sick of wipes) I just deleted cache and installed the ROM over the previous.
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