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    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    No problem. I thought I'd be able to skip a step or two as I have a bootable Win PE disk and a USB DVD drive. It took a while to realise that the image was the whole drive. I made the Windows 98 bootable memory stick from one of the first posts. I checked that booted to Win98 DOS. I then put the ODIN image on that disk. ODIN didn't like the USB Stick under W7, so I was able to boot the Windows PE and then use ODIN to dump your image onto a USB stick. I then booted the USB stick into the Tech Guys image recovery mode, that seem to have put back both the hidden recovery and the main XP partitions complete with all the pre-installed software. I'm just going though the windows updates etc etc. So thanks again.
  2. teamsmiffy

    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    I'm all sorted now - just needed a USB stick to boot and my Cruzer stick wouldn't work. Thanks to the host of the RAR images.
  3. teamsmiffy

    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    I've tried part six again this morning and managed to download it. Ive extracted the ODN file to to a USB stick and copied the Odin software on too. I've booted the PC with a BartPE disk. Using Odin I've managed to restore the ODN file over the entire drive. When I reboot the TechGuys splash screen is followed by option to do a full destructive recovery. When I take this option, it gets to stage three and the says that the image is missing! Any one know what I can try next? When the laptop reboots it says BootLoader Error
  4. teamsmiffy

    Advent 4211 recovery - appeal for help!

    I'm currently downloading all these rar files. HOWEVER chunk 06 is missing!!!! Can anyone help?

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