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  1. 1.make sure your tfcard is2g,and it is fat32 2.download romand copy them to your tfcard 3.run heart,it will run by itself
  2. i have changed a 2g caed,but it is a failure,perhaps i should wait for a newer rom
  3. pals how long did it take ,why i spent about 30mins ,but it has not finished
  4. i have a bad news,it never works on my phone,even though i have changed a 2G tf card ,anyone could help me?
  5. and i have a problem,how many cook rom has he provided
  6. my card is 1g,maybe 1g can not run it,tomorrow,i will change a 2g card to try .thanks
  7. hi,my phone is the same ,could U tell me how did U do ,thanks
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