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    zte skate (orange monte carlo)
  1. Installed it and did the usual wipe/cache factory reset, wipe cache, and advanced/wipe dalvik and installed. Skipped google account setup till booted and then went in and set it up once up and running. No problems so far, then went for appz from play store. Was stuck on downloading from play store and when i went to press back button it rebooted and got stuck on boot-loop to which i had to take battery out. Still stuck on boot-loop. Had it with 1.5 too is that a partition problem size-wise? Thanks anyway mate..
  2. Many thanks for your help CECO but this link doesn't help. Flashed it without any wipes and still not working, also i still don't have prox_data.txt and with regard looking on internal memory on phone for Data/misc folder i have already done that.
  3. Still can't find it, checked my data folder on phone and no misc folder there, even checked data folder on sd card , ran a search for "prox_data.txt" no joy. Can i create a misc folder within data folder and just create my own prox_data.txt with values you use?
  4. Sorry mate but i can't find prox_data.txt on my phone tried all the usual searches and showing hidden files and can't see it in either data folder or Android/data folder. Any help much appreciated..
  5. Yes mate numerous times and also tried a few of the fixes on the forum but none seem to work,, just glad i got that message box fixed,, ta for that.. :D
  6. Is that the small box that appears center screen? If it is can you tell me how to disable that? Also still having proximity problems as can't end call so would appreciate any help on that..; These are my only problems on an otherwise excellent rom,, :D
  7. scotchmizzed

    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    Fc on call log fixed for me,,top man, you wouldn't get service like that from anywhere else.. B) B)
  8. scotchmizzed

    [ROM] [AtomicMod] [ICS THEME]

    Same FC on call log , english UK :(
  9. scotchmizzed

    Is there anyway to save my OMC/ZTE Skate!?

    I used ice armour on main page but any rom would do.. Edit: Don't know why it double posted, can anyone delete this or show me how to?
  10. scotchmizzed

    Is there anyway to save my OMC/ZTE Skate!?

    I used ice armour on main page but any rom would do.. Edit...http://www.mediafire.com/?a0kl52eof4k1oek
  11. scotchmizzed

    Is there anyway to save my OMC/ZTE Skate!?

    I had this happen too and here's what i did. connected phone to pc with usb and then whilst in recovery i clicked "mount usb" and then downloaded another rom and placed that on phones sd card. I then wiped/factory reset, wiped cache and wiped dalvik cache and then installed zip from sd card and after 1 reboot,,hey presto phone working!!! Hope this helps..
  12. scotchmizzed

    [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Flash this AtomicMod=R13.zip which is inside the atomic mod.zip..
  13. scotchmizzed

    Post Your Homescreens

    Love the black gloss virus,, tis all about taste

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