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  1. This be updated tonight mate?
  2. did you figure out what was wrong with tweak deck Paul?
  3. Paul, if you get chance, would you mind having a look at the issue with tweakdeck ( I hate every other twitter client )
  4. Rom working fine now, did a fresh install and theres still an error with tweakdeck, when you click into a tweet, it force closes
  5. same System ui problem mate
  6. Just so you know, Franco's new Kernel is back upto standard
  7. Yeah for the first time since I rooted i'm not using Franco's kernel. Currently testing the popcorn Kernel, well so far, battery looking the same as francos (only been running since yesterday) You got any other kernel recommendations Paul?
  8. Thanks for the reply, My question is though, is the files that are in the kitchen today whats going to end up in the pre bakes or is it likely there'll be some additions?
  9. Sorry for the dumb question but does this mean that the files in kitchen are now what ir11 full is or will there be any other changes? I planning a full wipe but dont want to yet if its going to change imminently
  10. Is there any reason why I cant see that directory in root explorer, I can see as far as System/mods but then the folder is blank. I really want to try some icons
  11. Also someone reporting some has GSM 4.0.4 OTA on XDA, no idea how much truth in it
  12. With these fix releases am I right in saying if you're already on 11 you can flash without wipe? Stret

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