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  1. Haven't been around for a while due to upgrading & passing G300 's (my wife's too) on to kids. Had doubts about going back to GB but I wanted something current (ironically) - I mean something still being supported / developed. Anyway, imho it's a really smooth & responsive ROM Kyan. Great piece of work as ever, grateful thanks. Oh & btw nice one HippyDave!
  2. I was disappointed to find that the LED can only display white(ish). This app solves that problem by displaying small colour coded notification dots or icons on screen. NoLED
  3. Hadn't noticed this at first but now you have mentioned it yes, the power button is slightly loose fit & rattles if the phone is shaken. Fortunately though I don't do that much ;)
  4. Sorry to read that. Did you have Hynix memory? Which recovery were you using?
  5. Been looking here for some time for a "best buy" upgrade for my G300. Almost bought a couple of times but have until now delayed due to occasional reports of minor faults in some phones received, plus long delivery times & the prospect of bigger / better / cheaper phones (octacore/ MTK 6592 or 6588 chips/ Xiaomi Hongmi/ Nexus5) coming soon. N'way - fwiw I've always seen this as a best buy / bargain phone topic regardless of source & I'd like to thank all contributors. Today I decided to pay a (quite :unsure: ) a bit more than originally intended & ordered a Nexus5. Reasons - cordless charging, latest operating system - always, 4G, easy to sort any issues & I'll have it tomorrow :) I've got a feeling I'll still be fancying a few china phones coming soon tho lol Btw for those in UK if you go to CPW via TCB there's £3.50 cashback & then CPW are giving a £50 "experience" voucher as well. So the way I sold it to myself is £295 less £53.50 = Nexus5 for £241.50. Not bad eh!
  6. XINYH here - been on a different ROM recently; was just about to try the latest. Phew! Bought from Very UK 20/7/2012
  7. Yeah the Nexus is less hassle now & in future. As for camera rumours abound but either way it looks pretty good "Details on the Nexus 5's camera have, up until now, been a little murkier. Previous rumours of an 8MP camera with a MEMS sensor (for focusing after shots have been taken) appear to have been false. According to the Nexus 5 service manual, it'll pack in an 8MP camera with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) instead, which is very good news for smartphone photographers, if the LG G2's OIS-enabled camera is anything to go by. It should empower the Nexus 5 with particularly impressive low-light shooting capabilities, allowing for longer exposures to capture more light without increasing blurriness."
  8. lol - I'm just trying to figure that out. Nexus is easier to buy, easier to run - the safest choice. Looks like Mi3 battery spec & camera spec is better tho & maybe the Gorillla Glass 3 screen? Haven't compared them in any depth tho. - in fact I've been following your info & comments with interest. I'll probably hang back until the dust settles around these two or even the Red Rice WCDMA & buy one as an early Xmas present. I've no idea which one yet tho! :blink:
  9. To recap, the Xiaomi Mi3 consists of a screen 5 inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels with glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 , LPDDR3 2GB RAM , 16 or 64GB eMMC 4.5 ROM choice of a Sony 13 MP camera f/2.0 with dual LED flash, a 2 MP front camera, Wi-Fi 5 GHz, the 3G WCDMA 900/1900/2100 MHz , Bluetooth 4.0, the NFC , a Micro USB OTG connectivity, GPS and a 3050 battery mAh. Are you willing to wait another two months to offer you one of the best Android smartphones in the world at unbeatable prices or do you think that the Google Nexus 5 will be able to dethrone him?
  10. +1 - I'm sure they will be pleased with the way demand is building :P
  11. Always tricky knowing when to jump in, especially on a tight budget. I am hoping that the Red Rice WCDMA will be the no-brainer value for money phone I'm looking for. I'm thinking that octa-core will be outside my budget & tbh I don't need top end performance anyway. Coming from G300 quad core & better bigger screen will keep me happy for quite a while.
  12. Rarely used for calls, just browsing & texts really. I use Greenify to hibernate apps & auto airplane mode @ night. Also auto sync off & use Quick Sync app manually :-)
  13. Haven't noticed any bugs with contacts or anything else. Runs smoothly - I have about 45 apps; currently 125 MB free RAM. Using paul's #15 kernel. No frills cpu @ 320 MHz - 1.19 GHz Smartassv2. Battery currently 2d 17 h 42m is still @ 50%. Most functions in Pimp my Rom are adequately explained & there are You tube vids as well. I haven't measured performance difference but applied most of the tweaks & all seems good - just try it :)
  14. Yes (though I noticed 30/8 is smaller than usual & for me not available via OTA).
  15. "Yeah, but it cannot work with CM stock condition? Otherwise what's the point of keeping options that doesn't work there?" Not sure I understand you - can only tell you that Light Flow works perfectly for me.
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