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    ZTE RACER 2.3.7 #257 Racer Boy
  1. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    My racer is still not found,but hope dies last Today my bro gave me present Lg Optimus Me It comes preinstalled with 2.2.2 Multitouch and very good touch screen But still i am sad for ma racer
  2. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    The police get track of my phone maybe very soon i will be back D: I hope is healthy and not modified by the person who stole it:D
  3. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    Zte Racer 2 in Macedonia only for 120 euro :D
  4. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    btw i can't find zte racer anymore.....only zte racer 2.......is that familiar to zte racer ? it says 500 mh arm v 11 omg
  5. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    racer price in Macedonia still high,if i could buy new one from Europe cities around,it will be cheaper,guys i really miss my racer,maybe police will find my phone,small city,bigger chances,i always look optimistic way.i hope i will get my racer back,too much important things i have stored inside....:'(
  6. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    Yesterday my Racer was stolen I am so unhappy
  7. Hey Racerboy this new rom rocks :D Support
  8. Yeah Lewa is something diferent And i like it really :D
  9. 257v2 with the new kernal rocks :D Bravo Racer Boy and Vamshistunner
  10. I don't have problems with this rom,i think everything is working fine:D i like this interface:D and new look support
  11. Racer Boy and Vamshistunner i am big fan of your work I will say that you guys are excellent I adore your work and i currently install new lewa rom 257v2 with new kernal perfect Support for your hard work like always
  12. Racer Boy i must admit that 257v2 is really good rom :D So i just want to help for those who have audio distorse Go to DSP manager Speaker Enable equalizer custom 0.0 9.6 10.0 10,0 3.1(down) 10.0(up) this use together with Deadlink fix for headset settings in DSP manager Excellent rom Racer Boy just keep your excellent work in 2012 and i wish you all the best this year :D
  13. Vlatko25


    for me the same problemD:

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