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  1. Ok here is what you have to do All credits goes to Shadowtrance because of the tpt backup of Telstra 2.1 update 1 If you have flashed your racer with tpt files from gen 1 china unicom 1.1,youu surely got the china unicom big logo,besides android green robot 1.if you are gen 1 currently,download Fastboot Racer from Racer Boy,take recovery img from tpt files gen1 china unicom and replace in that folder,so you can fastboot racer and isntall original ftm 2.when done,go into recovery and ftm will apear 3.open USDL and make sure your phone is connected with proper com port (you can check that in my devices in my computer) when you properly connected your phone with pc and com port,next is 4.check RF/BT/IMEI/unlock info 5.check Backup NV 6.make sure nothing else is checked 7.start all 8.your backup will start and finished succesfully 9.take off battery and disconnect your phone from pc 10.click up and down buttons in the same time and connect phone to pc 11.when connect,your phone must be black screen and in DFU mode 12.open usdl software,and again make sure connected properly 13.it must say that phone is in download mode next 14.SW directory(make sure you delete files from china unicom and replace them with files from the backup of Shadowtrance) 15.check download settings 16.check no backup and restore nv 17.download 18.start all 19.when this finished succesfully 20.take off phone from pc,and go into recovery(ftm) 21.again connect with pc and proper com port 22.open usdl 23.check RESTORE NVM 24.RF/BT/IMEI/unlock info(again make sure nothing is checked beside this) 25.start all 26.take off phone from pc and then turn it on 27.this worked for me i hope it will help for the others
  2. tpt flasher.rar Ok everything you need here is ZTE Terminal software online upgrader http://wwwen.zte.com...20277270179.zip Original ftm recovery (this is gen 1) Fastboot Racer thanks to Racer Boy http://android.modac...very-for-racer/ PC and of course internet connection 1.Download software online upgrader ZTE,exctract files to drive C: on your PC,install the app on your PC 2.Open fastboot racer files,inside is recovery img mooncake (before this install the drivers inside Fastboot Racer folder) 3.,Unrar my recovery from atach and rename it just like the recovery inside the fastboot racer files from RacerBoy 4.Move the recovery img from Racerboy files somewere temporary,and put this ftm recovery img already renamed inside Fastboot Racer folder 5.Turn off you android phone(but do not connect to pc stil),turn it on by pressing power button and volume+ to get into fastboot mode 6.Then connect your phone with pc and open the Fastboot Racer folder,and inside is MS-DOS BATCH FILE named windows-flash-gen1-recovery(double click this) 7.After you have succeded flashing recovery img to your Racer,don't disconnect it from pc,turn off the phone and then reboot into recovery by turn on button and volume- 8.Your phone will be in FTM mode(DFU DIagnostic Interface Device) 9.Now open the Terminal software online upgrader,it will first scan network and then device,it will take some minutes to detect phone 10.After it detecs your phone it will give you information about phone model number etc and it will tell you if you have update or your version is the latest 11.Down in the right corner you will have the option to upgrade it anyway,click on that,the upgrader will start to download files(will tell you in mb and percents) 12.After downloading the files it will extract the files and next step is upgrading,but when this starts you must cancel it and exit from upgrader program and also disconnect phone 13.Now go to drive C:,Program files,Zte Terminal Online upgrade software folder double click,inside you will find two folders with the name of the firmware that you have downloaded 14.One zip and one unzip folder,cut them and put them on safe place,they are tpt files for the current firmware and they can be used to flash tpt firmware with usdl software 15.After this you can again flash the old recovery img in the same way,and no damage to your phone 16.Unrar tpt flasher and inside is flasher,don't forget to put tpt files in this folder if you want to flash another tpt rom(this is difrerent flashing than with online upgrader) I hope this will help to other users of Zte Racer Feel free to share here diferent tpt firmware for Zte Racer recovery.rar
  3. Very soon :mellow: So both files flash in recovery in order 1.http://db.tt/2MH7aib Then 2.http://db.tt/HBYjneW I hope i helped:) It was my plesure to do that:)
  4. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    My racer is still not found,but hope dies last Today my bro gave me present Lg Optimus Me It comes preinstalled with 2.2.2 Multitouch and very good touch screen But still i am sad for ma racer
  5. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    The police get track of my phone maybe very soon i will be back D: I hope is healthy and not modified by the person who stole it:D
  6. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    Zte Racer 2 in Macedonia only for 120 euro :D
  7. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    btw i can't find zte racer anymore.....only zte racer 2.......is that familiar to zte racer ? it says 500 mh arm v 11 omg
  8. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    racer price in Macedonia still high,if i could buy new one from Europe cities around,it will be cheaper,guys i really miss my racer,maybe police will find my phone,small city,bigger chances,i always look optimistic way.i hope i will get my racer back,too much important things i have stored inside....:'(
  9. Vlatko25

    My Phone Is DEAD...RIP...

    Yesterday my Racer was stolen I am so unhappy
  10. Hey Racerboy this new rom rocks :D Support
  11. Yeah Lewa is something diferent And i like it really :D
  12. 257v2 with the new kernal rocks :D Bravo Racer Boy and Vamshistunner
  13. I don't have problems with this rom,i think everything is working fine:D i like this interface:D and new look support
  14. Racer Boy and Vamshistunner i am big fan of your work I will say that you guys are excellent I adore your work and i currently install new lewa rom 257v2 with new kernal perfect Support for your hard work like always
  15. Racer Boy i must admit that 257v2 is really good rom :D So i just want to help for those who have audio distorse Go to DSP manager Speaker Enable equalizer custom 0.0 9.6 10.0 10,0 3.1(down) 10.0(up) this use together with Deadlink fix for headset settings in DSP manager Excellent rom Racer Boy just keep your excellent work in 2012 and i wish you all the best this year :D
  16. Vlatko25


    for me the same problemD:
  17. nice news guys a long time Vamshi was offline:D now he is back again cheers
  18. Happy New Year 2012 to all of you here on Modaco Best wishes from Macedonia
  19. Deadlink please see my Upper post and answer me please:)
  20. I just want to ask Deadlink something about beta 2 release everything seem to work perfect on gen 2 racer(my phone currently) but when i enter market or any other app,and when i exit on back button icons from screen home or other are disappearing for the moment and then again they show up does anyone now why this is happening??????? i have 8gb sd hc class 6 micro sd card partition my sd card ext 512 swap 32 help or something anyone
  21. nice to hear this Deadlink,i must say that i have revert to gen2 and now is much better with 7.2.0 support fot this hard work yours :D
  22. i am so far from developer,i would like to have knowledge to help compiling Racer RomsD: but i can help with other things:D

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