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  1. Ok here is my question, I have a Dell Streak 5 and I am getting a new 4G phone. What I want to do is rip out the cell phone part of the OS so it basically is a functioning tablet with wifi. Why, I'm going to give it to my son(10 yrs old) and I don't want to give him a phone yet. Basically I want to stop it from being a phone. Was thinking I could use the Dell Streak 7 image on the 5 but not sure if that would work. Can I rip out the phone service from the phone with out screwing the OS? Suggestions would be appreciated. FYI I have rooted and applied new OS images a few times so I'm not unfamilar with the process. Just need to know what would be do'able for my scenario. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hey all, Did something stupid and downloaded a superhero wallpaper app to cycle what looked like really nice wallpapers on my Streak. The dam app messed up my screen and now all my wall papers load in portrait mode. When I swivel to landscape the background image doesn't fit in the screen. The active wall papers look fine but whether its a personal image or a provided wallpaper its all messed up. Can anyone point me to files or settings to fix the mess? The actual desktop icons and such are working fine and are the correct size. I'm on O2s Froyo 2.2. build.

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