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  1. M3DD3RS

    WIFI Direct on permanently

    I press the three dots to get to WIFI direct but the only option in there is to rename the device :(
  2. M3DD3RS

    WIFI Direct on permanently

    I got my wife a Hudl 2 for christmas, ever since I've seen a strong SSID called DIRECT- (using a WIFI analyzer app on my phone). On investigation I've found this to be the Hudl 2, I can't find any options to turn this off in the settings anywhere. If I go into the WIFI Direct settings and out again it does stop it temporarily. Surely this isn't normal behaviour no other android device in the house does this. How do I turn it off permanently?
  3. M3DD3RS

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    Very interesting I've recently installed a new thermostat. It has a 7 day timer and 5 different settings through the day, but I've been wishing I could access it on my phone.
  4. I've only had it since I installed yesterdays update ;) Before then it was actually quite slick at rotating ;)
  5. Gapps won't install now Failure at line 4 copy_dir PACKAGE:data DATA: Installation aborted Edit: Sorted I had to wipe all user data
  6. Thanks for this! I'm a bit late to the Pulse modding party so it's good to see work still being done. I've tried a few roms and I think this one is a keeper, so far ;)

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