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  1. My OSD works fine on virgin and with xolo updated rom. But still locked to orange. Unfortunately it will not work outside the UK and will not pick up other networks even T-mobile which since it can use t-mobile apn settings in UK is strange. Pitty it is away back to orange for a crap GPS and cracked bezel although less than two months old and well cared for.
  2. I am on virgin and works fine BUT not outside of the UK where it will not pick up other networks.
  3. Yes, hairline craks in bezel and silver inset near connections. Away back to orange after less than two months. Hope the repair or replacement is better. Anyone got one that is rock solid?. Maybe it was a bad batch.
  4. For information. I can use a virgin sim in a locked OSD fine in the UK but it did not work for me when out of the UK. It would not register with other networks even T-mobile.
  5. The man from ebay came up trumps and quick too. pitty I paid up Vodafone after another cheaper site said they could not do it and leftt me thinking voda only
  6. Yep seen a few of these sock type cases about. I am after a clip on hardshell or even a silicone. A nice skeleton shell to protect main edges and give a bit of grip. I find the sock or pouch type are not that easy to use when phone rings bit i suppose it is personal preference. Cheers.
  7. No hard or soft silicone cases about?. Suppose phone is too new. will the gorilla glass not be fairly resilieint to damage, scores etc?.
  8. I do not see any protective cases yet available for the G300?. There are a few leather jobs from US and a sock or two. Has anybody seen any yet. The phones are a wee bit on the slippy side.
  9. That would have been spot on bumps. They are saying 3 working days unfortunately !.
  10. For info I have just contacted vodafone. They are emailing huwaei?. Does not seem to be instant for me but will see how long it takes. Instant would have been very nice. Maybe it is because it is the weekend?
  11. My first try at an unlock site came back unsuccessful and not on their database. I am getting my fiver back. I think vodafone is the way ahead.
  12. Hi, What do you mean?. Will voda give me the unlock code?. £15 on 3 gives me lot more than £15 on voda. As i am not rep for 3 dont wish to spell out difference. I would be happy enough on voda if they did. Cheers
  13. Just bought a G300. Nice piece of kit so far but need unlocked (flash working fine - great). So far went for two internet sites spending the £7.25 on earlier post on one and not much more on another. Still waiting but it is the weekend !. I tried a phone number site and gobbled up my £6 odd credit on my PAYG in minutes so would not recommend those !. DONT. Never liked strange numbers 0905xx1xx77 Good old PAYG aint going to be ripped off big style thats why i like it !!. (was not that long into long recorder conversation! and had not put in any details). Voda PAYG bundles are not as good as 3 so need unlocked. Not too much voda crap on phone and options to unload more - THINK NOT!!. Anybody any success at unlocking out there ?.
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