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  1. All I get is the logo spinning round, I can't open anything at all. I've downloaded the official ICS firmware onto my sd card and tried that, but it hasn't done anything.
  2. I installed ROM manager and got it to install the custom ROM, but now it just sits at the Cyanogemod logo and does nothing, any clues from here? I can't boot the phone up to open ROM manager and I can't open it in recovery mode, any ideas?
  3. Well, I don't know what to do. I've followed the instructions on this and many other threads, I've used the http://huaweig300.com page and I can't get the phone to boot into Clockworkmod recovery at all. I follow all the instructions, I've downloaded so many "guaranteed" fixes, my computer is groaning with the weight! I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I've wiped and rooted and used custom roms before, but this is stumping me. Whenever I try and boot into CWM I just get the Huawei logo and nothing else, it never goes into CWM. Any clues as to what I'm doing wrong? Been on this for six hours now and getting nowhere.
  4. So you have to have it for three months before they will unlock it? What a swizz, that's no use to me, so another customer bites the dust. I could live with it not being hackable, especially if they update to ICS later,
  5. Sorry if I sound naive, but does this mean that it can't be unlocked to other networks?
  6. Ok, so I've downloaded the Zip file and followed all your instructions and you've made me wipe my phone back to the old jellyfish 2.2 original, thank God I made a back up of my current settings. What I would like to do is upgrade from version 2.2 to 2.3. I have clockwork version, I have tried to download the recovery manager but that doesn't work, my computer doesn't recognise the file extension so won't copy to the phone. I'm following your instruction btw. I've tried to locate it in the market place but it's not there either. I have the ROM on the SD card but it won't install. I'm sure this is all my fault but could you tell me what to do in English rather than jargon? I had no problems installing version 2.2 but have hit brick walls in getting 2.3 installed. The links to install Androot (although I rooted my phone to install version 2.2) don't work. I'm taken to some strange external site that asks me to log in before it will let me download. You say I must download Recovery Manager .34b but the link takes you to .36b. I've installed ROM manager but that won't let me use it unless I spend £3 to upgrade to premium so am at a loss.
  7. Sorry, I can't get this, I downloaded the cyanogenmod 7 from the website (Android 2.3), I have tried to save the file to my phone, which file am I supposed to save? I downloaded the zip file but I can't even find the files now, all I get is "no files found", winzip is empty nothing on my phone, where do the files go?
  8. Hello, I have rooted my Blade and installed the Jellyfish froyo and would like to transfer video files. I checked the forums and enabled the Blade to receive files and transferred a video file. My PC showed the file as transferred but the Blade won't play it, I have the standard video player, VLC and Mvideo installed but they don't see any video files, what am I doing wrong?
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