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  1. scottie1973


    easy enough to find the official 2.2 roms...straight forward update with rsd...
  2. scottie1973


    its not possible to go back to 2.1,but why not flash an official 2.2?
  3. scottie1973

    New Defy owner... Slightly confused

    i started out there aswell rock,but addthebad and a few others gave me a slightly easier way to get to 2.2,which is in another thread on here,from what i have read yes u can go back to 2.1 as long as u used a fixed sbf.if you made your own backup before flashing 2.2 all you need todo is flash a stock 2.1 image then restore your own 1
  4. scottie1973

    no dataconnection deleted apk in /system/app

    2.3.3 is a gingerbread rom?..if so just reflash it
  5. scottie1973

    Bricked Defy

    try following this guide.. http://motoroladefy.com/index.php?/topic/8...-unbrick-phone/
  6. scottie1973

    T-mobile us gets full 2.2 rollout

    highly under rated phone in my opinion,and when we get the official 2.2 it will be even better. i found another forum that is a little more useful for the defy.. http://motoroladefy.com/index.php?
  7. scottie1973

    T-mobile us gets full 2.2 rollout

    not seen much feedback,but ive been running the unofficial 2.2 for a while now and its the bee's knee's..battery lasts for upto 3 days and it its a massive improvement to 2.1!!
  8. scottie1973

    a little help please..

    the 2.2 rom was a fixed 1 so its downgradable just not 100% on the process
  9. scottie1973

    a little help please..

    do i just follow these steps to flash the 2.51.1? instead of 3.4.3_11-fixed i use the 2.51-1? enter bootloader by holding volume up and power for 5 secs then connect phone to pc make sure you have moto drivers and rsd installed then in rsd lite choose the "3.4.3_11-Fixed.BLUR.sbf" file and click wait for that to finish and that should be it if you get a boot loop enter recovery power and volume down for 5 secs you should get a black screen then volume up and down at the same time wipe all data reboot!
  10. scottie1973

    a little help please..

    hey guys i have got to send my defy back to be repaired as it has developed a fault(power button keeps falling out)its under warranty so no biggie,but.... i upgraded to 2.2 with addthebad and a few others help but i need to put my original backup of 2.1 on as T-mob don't like rooting and other software etc... http://android.modaco.com/content/motorola...46/new-to-defy/ can anyone give me a few details how i do this? i downloaded this: JRDNEM_U3_2.51.1_BLUR_P3_SIGN_SIGNED_USAJRDNEMARAB1B8TMGB030.0R_USAJORDANTMGB_P0 9_A015_M003_HWp3_Service1FF but im really not sure what process to use to put that back on and then my original backup.. thanks in advance scottie
  11. well its finally gone to a full rollout for T-Mobile US,so I wonder how long it will take to get offical release in the UK and rest of Europe.. https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/49389?tstart=0 just read they are saying awaiting google's ok for uk/europe 2.2 and are quoting begining of may....
  12. scottie1973

    high capacity battery

    anyone tried or found a decent high capacity battery?ive seen an 1800mah one on ebay for £7...wondered if anyone else has tried them out?
  13. scottie1973

    rolling back to 2.1..

    cool,not that im planning on going back to 2.1..but just in case.. :)
  14. scottie1973

    rolling back to 2.1..

    if for some weird and wonderful reason i needed to go back to 2.1 (should i need to return it for some reason),is it a case of just restoring the backup of my system i did with clockwork mod?
  15. scottie1973

    new to defy

    im loving it,its smooth and why the f**k don't moto make it official,it works a dream!! tho the only thing i am struggling to suss out is the bluetooth file transfer,under 2.1 i could send apk's with no probs but now it says that the device doesn't support this type of transfer..

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