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  1. Is that stock firmware available for downloads on Chuwi forum or did you make a backup in TWRP? I don't know if they've changed some hardware again or will it work with a previous compatibility patch. I'll add 20171020 patches/etc on my site once the stock firmware is available. It seems there's nothing but spam in MoDaCo these days so this will be my last post on this forum. You know where to reach me. :)
  2. .img is for flashing with fastboot. .zip is if you already have a previous TWRP installed and you want to update.
  3. I've never installed Windows on this device and this is a completely wrong place for this discussion anyway. Of course there's a Windows image available (http://forum.chuwi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2116) and like already said, there's half a dozen ways to do this.
  4. There's probably half a dozen ways to achieve that. You don't need to reinstall WIndows if you're going to just completely remove Android. http://forum.chuwi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1654
  5. Logcat? Can't reproduce such issue. You shouldn't be messing with any BIOS settings to begin with. Make sure that you've followed installations instructions in the third post. Installations with third party hacks/tweaks/mods/etc are not supported.
  6. Most likely a hardware failure unrelated to this. This doesn't affect Windows in any way.
  7. FFS these newer revisions never seem to end. CM13 may or may not work on Hi10 Plus depending on the hardware revision (I honestly can't keep track anymore). Camera will likely not work on the newer ones at all. Only supporting the original Hi10 Plus but what am I to say what you can do with your device. I'll add CM12.1 and Remix OS compatibility patches once 20171020 stock firmware is available.
  8. Yes. CM12.1 or Remix OS. You almost always need to install a compatibility patch unless you have a Vi10 Plus (which I have).
  9. I've added CM12.1 and Remix OS compatibility patches for Hi10 Plus devices shipped with 20170504 firmware to my site. Those two media_profiles_*.xml configs do absolutely nothing with CM12.1 (see https://github.com/CM-CHT/android_frameworks_av/commit/ec43dabccae4fc3d5dc482fd2b95c15eff102c0e). Well done figuring out the rest. :)
  10. Hey! Can you please use the search function. This has been asked and answered several times already!
  11. That's none of my problem then. I only provide support for my custom ROMs and you have posted on a completely wrong place. You've installed a ROM that is not meant for your device! If you install e.g. this Remix OS with the right compatibility patch, I'm sure everything will work. http://konstakang.com/devices/chuwi_vi10plus/RemixOS/
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