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  1. the problm solved now i can play songs without any interruptn...but i thnk u guys too solved this problem..if anyone needs help feel free to ask me ;)
  2. ohh so i cant even call or sms when i install android on my omnia lite??? k thn im not going for android now...can u pls tell me whether i can upgrade windows mobile 6.5 to windows 7??? if yes how can it possible??? pls help
  3. hey eddy thks buddy ;) ok i wil download any one of thos versions...wher i get gingerbread version??? pls giv me the link....i dont want wifi but what about bluetooth and other functions?? can you pls tel me the functions which wont work with android????
  4. i hav downloaded android beta2.rar (sized 74 mb)frm the thread i found here....i didnt install yet... any problem with this version?? whether it wil work on omnia lite properly?? if any problm exist can i fix it by downloading its updates?? or do i hav to go for another version of android?? plz help thks in advance ;) ;)
  5. hey i want to install android on my omnia lite...i jst heard that som functions of omnia lite wont work with android..is it true?? the problems fixed??? wher can i download the android with full functioning of my omnia lite?? i just downloaded android beta2.rar frm your thread ...i didnt installd it yet....does it work properly?? or do i go for another download?? thx in advance ;)
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