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  1. Hi KonstaT, thanks for looking at that but unfortunately I don't understand your reply - does that mean I need to wait for another update? Sorry for being so thick! :)
  2. Thanks - yeah first time I did use a backup from Astro but after reading previous comments, following a reflash I have downloaded from Play Store each time but still cant get past step 2!
  3. Hi, don't think I've made it clear - I have used both the ROM and GApps link from page 1 of this thread but still can't get Swiftkey to work. Have fully wiped and reflashed but still the same. My partition info is shown as 159/160
  4. Yeah I've always used Swiftkey and have tried previous versions of Konsta's CM10 with no problems. Everything else seems to be working ok Partition sizes are system = 160mb & cache = 2mb
  5. I did install GApps from this thread. Sorry what do you mean by "works like a clock"??
  6. Hi, I've installed this rom and gapps coming from Eco CM7. I use Swiftkey keyboard but after installing, when I go through setup, at stage 2"Enable Swiftkey" I get a message "unfortunately, settings has stopped" and I can't complete the set up. I've redownloaded the rom and gapps and reflashed but still the same - any ideas? Thanks
  7. Thanks jventura - spare parts not in that zip though, although I've sorted by installing blade buddy app from play store :)
  8. jventura is there a way to increase the font size? I can't find the option and I need to increase it for my eyes thanks
  9. I think you're right - I used the gapps in first post but kept getting error message that "google play has stopped". Reflashed using KonstaKang jb-20121017 gapps and seems to be working fine now :)
  10. I can't get facebook to work on it. Opens but sticks on a white screen for the newsfeed with a whirling "loading" symbol - any suggestions.
  11. I can't get facebook to work on it. Opens but sticks on a white screen for the newsfeed with a whirling "loading" symbol - any suggestions.
  12. Sorry I mustn't have made myself clear. It is the stock one, i.e the one that came with the phone, which is the one I'm having problems with.
  13. Hi this is my first post so sorry if I've done anything wrong. I have searched forums but can't see any other posts re this issue. I have had my OSF for 3 months. Just recently I have been having a problem when charging using the supplied usb cable and mains plug. I usually charge overnight and by morning have full charge. However the last few times I have done this, in the morning the phone is still not fully charged, and seems to have "stuck" at a certain point although not the same each time. In fact this morning after 10 hours it was showing 74% charge and had not changed 2 hours later. The odd thing is though that if I use another charger (I've used my sons Blackberry charger) it charges fully in what I would say is a normal length of time. The usb charger clearly works as when plugged into my pc everything else works i.e. I can see the phone and transfer files etc. Also when I do plug the usb charger into the mains, the phone indicates that it is charging (red led, shows "charging" on lock screen and battery indicator moves). My phone is a Gen1, running FLB-Froyo r10. Can anyone shed any light on this issue, other than the obvious one of using a different charger.
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