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  1. Out of interest what did you change. I have looked for vold.fstab but cant find it.
  2. Hello Do you think this would work with the S6 plus?
  3. Nice. I just finished repartitioning the file system while keeping stock. So I can now say that the Nadroid backups of your TWRP work faultlessly on the Blade S6 plus! I changed partitiions from a 4GB data & 7.8GB internalSD to 8GB data & 3.8GB internal SD. Everything is working like I never even touched it. Going to post these scripts on the xda site as I am sure others will be interested. Thanks for all your help.
  4. I still cant find a file with sha1 for the recovery, but I will keep looking. I used kingroot to root it. In about phone its says the kernal version: 3.10.49 [email protected]_XA242_087 #1 Thu Apr 9 20:54:45 CST 2015 build number: ZTE_Blade_S6_Plus_B02
  5. I tried to look at /system/bin/install-recovery.sh but it just contains this cat ./install-recovery.sh #!/system/bin/sh /system/xbin/ku.sud -d & /system/etc/install-recovery-2.sh and there is no file /system/etc/install-recovery-2.sh Below link is the recovery I obtained with dd command I issued, large part at the end is zeros. sha1 is acb372f974af9e26473bc501d983b1c8b48c1f08 recovery: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hvbq7oyzm8iksg/original-recovery%20zte%20s6plus.img?dl=0 I am just planning just to resize the partitions. I am modifing the script from xda so that it just resizes data and the internal sdcard partitions. http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/mod-zte-blade-s6-p839f30-partitioning-t3267909 I will post the modification to the xda site once its done. More data space is the main issue I have with the stock rom.
  6. Hello KonstaT, It looks like it is working: Booted into TWRP then made a backup of the system to the external SDCARD. Rebooted back to android. Rebooted back into TWRP. That is about all I have tried so far. I plan at looking at repartitioning. I noticed that you have a number of versions for S6 in regards the internal/external SD card. This S6 plus version seems to allow you to select both the internal and external sdcard, so as long as I stick with the external SD option do you think this work with partitioning? I will keep you updated if I find out anything else. Thanks, Iotola
  7. Hello KonstaT I am willing to try this TWRP on a Blade S6 plus, I am in the UK. I currently have stock everything, so by the sound of it probably got a locked boot loader. I think from reading this thread that the locked boot loader will not be an issue? (I just wanted to confirm this) If the recovery fails how do I go about replacing a stock recovery? The S6 plus is not even listed under support on the ZTE website in the UK, so I have downloaded the latest Spanish version so I assume there must be a recovery located within the zip file. Is it possible to copy the recovery before trying TWRP using the following command? dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery of=/sdcard/original_recovery.img so that I can restore it if needed? ( I have actually executed this command and got a file of 33554432 bytes which is somewhat larger than your own TWRP recovery.) I just want to get all this straight in my head first. Thanks, Iotola.
  8. Unfortuneatly I have managed to break the coaxial cable while trying to change the digitiser, anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks.
  9. This must be my first post in 8 months of reading this forum and it is just because that was funny! I must have a really weird sense of humour.
  10. I agree with most of the above assessment. While I would really like to upgrade to GEN2 I am reluctant to do so while Orange UK are still on GEN1. I know my warranty is invalidated by installing customs ROMs but I believe with TPT you can pretty much restore a phone to Orange stock. So I stand some chance of my warranty being honoured. At present for me unless a foolproof method for restoring GEN1 can be devised or CM7 becomes truly stable on the blade, moving to GEN2 appears a gamble. Reading this forum thread I expect many others will also hold off upgrading to GEN2. This will reduce the number of people actually running and testing newer versions of CM7, and a reduction in testers may slow the development of a truly stable Blade version of CM7. So the users appear to be just questioning the timing of this change. From the developers perspective its a difficult decision as they probably don't want (or have the time) to run dual developments for both GEN1 and GEN2 blades given that problems encountered may be GEN specific.
  11. I have been watching the /cache directory on my own phone (with rom JJ9), and indeed sometimes an app install will not removed from /cache. Initially the file is called downloadfile.apk. Then sometimes, for reasons I cant be sure of, it will suddenly leave downloadfile.apk in the cache and then start calling the next download downloadfile-1.apk. In my /cache directory it is on downloadfile-2.apk. - All this new space the partition your mod gave me was just too tempting :D So I decided to run some tests and filled the directory with random files. When installing an app from the market, all the added random files were automatically deleted, leaving downloadfile.apk, downloadfile-1.apk and downloadfile-2.apk. I then tried giving the files downloadfile-3.apk, downloadfile-4.apk, downloadfile-5.apk, etc. However during an install again all files were removed except downloadfile.apk, downloadfile-1.apk and downloadfile-2.apk. The android download/install routine must have a record of where it was to know that downloadfile.apk, downloadfile-1.apk and downloadfile-2.apk should be left alone. The first file downloadfile.apk was dated the 17th and as today if the 19th, it seems to me this must be a problem with the android install routine. If the install hasnt happened after about an hour I would have thought it pretty safe to delete the files! Finially I manually deleted downloadfile.apk, downloadfile-1.apk and downloadfile-2.apk. Then the downloads returned to being called downloadfile.apk. I think the problem would only happen if a large downloadfile.apk file was left in /cache, or the phone was not rebooted for a long time. A manual delete of the files or like you say a reboot if using your tmpfs will resolve the problem - an automated delete based on time would solve it in most cases. I think the /cache directory should be RAM drive for all phones with a large enough RAM, as its a better solution than using the SDcard, I am not 100% sure from the earlier posts but I think CM7 uses SDcard if /cache is too small, maybe the blade port should use your tmpfs instead?
  12. wbaw, Whilst I know /cache as standard on the blade is ~42MB, I have read in other posts on the site some people have had issues with installing games above 20MB - the suggested causes were that the /cache directory was not cleaned fast enough etc. So my suggestion is can the RAM drive be made dynamic in size? (EDIT I think it might be already from what I have googled on tmpfs!) Then set say a maximum of 100MB, letting it grow and shrink on demand? Making installing large apps no longer a issue. A simple app could be made that clears cache if RAM is low just for simplicity. If it is already dynamic in size then I suppose I just change the script!
  13. I think the RAM drive was a clever solution, especially given the amout of free ram that seems to be available. The mod was simple and easy to apply as well. Thanks!
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