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  1. it wont work 1 other rom that no one seems to mention is cm7 which is stable, works flawlessly and is gingerbread not froyo.
  2. colorize widget gives you resizeable widgets
  3. skype is voice only anyway so camera would be of no use for this, i believe that the dock usb ports work as hosts with 3.2. however i cant be sure as i have not needed to use the usb since the first week i got the vega to be honest. what do you want host mode for what will you be attaching?
  4. you seem to have answered your own question in the main as you have used two of the top three runners so you may as well give cm7 a whirl then you can make up your own mind, which i always find to be the best way forward, one mans meat etc... I used cm7 as my weapon of choice until switching to the latest vegacomb build with camera and bluetooth which so far has given me no issues at all but then i dont need the usb support. i found cm7 to be the most tablet oriented rom that was stable and had everything i needed. just have a play it doesnt take long to restore from a bad choice regards alan
  5. No you are right Skype voice call only
  6. Ok so beegee has just mixed things up a little, backup can only be done once you have installed the relevant drivers normally, however what I would do is download the modded stock rom v1 or 2 to your PC. Then if you have any apps you have downloaded from market download titanium backup and backup these apps. Then go to myadventvega website and follow exactly the instructions for flashing the stock advent rom but instead of using their rom use the modded stock rom you downloaded earlier. This will once flashed give you a basic rom with clockwork mod and recovery app installed so then you can follow beegees guide but ignore the backup part at this stage as you have nothing yet to back up :) . I am off to bed now so have fun
  7. I have it running fine on vegacomb build 7, I am using the pvz1.apk that I downloaded from here or xda I can't remember which sorry but a search should help http://www.mediafire.com/?y6jdhwnngj4vg5x#1 this is the link to the file
  8. If you are running pauls rom 8 then this recovery app willl not run recovery until you install clockwork mod recovery manually. If so use vegatools 4 by solidare and install the clockwork mod then you can continue following your guide. Which guide are you using by the way as it should make this clear to stop others making the same mistake
  9. 2 The username and password it asks for is his Google account details normally gmail acct, so if he can remember this your sorted otherwise I have to say the only thing I can of is to nvflash modded stock rom and start again
  10. yes thats the one it installs as module AP and will give an unable to find IT7260 device but i ok`d that and ran recalibration as before and all is good, but be aware i have not had any problems with this rom that others have found and i have mine loaded over modded stock v1 so i cant guarantee you will get the same result. hope it works for you tho
  11. I downloaded the screen calibration apk from this forum and ran it yesterday as my screen was a little less responsive than i liked in certain areas, it ran fine and is now working beautifully again.
  12. I honestly think business is business and when there are shareholders there will always be a need to make onerous profits, apple, google non of them differ at all from any other large company,so when they have something of worth they have a right to prevent others from destroying either it or its reputation. However the free market allows us as consumers to decide wether we buy it or not and so dictate in some small way company policy. I didnt buy the vega because it was android i bought it because people were striving to change/improve it and i wanted to play along,similarly i jailbroke my ipod touch for the same reason. Whatever happens there will always be people like ejtagle, newbe5 , corvus etc that have either the know how or the desire to mess with things and offer them up to the rest of us so i wont lose any sleep either way, however Trevor and Simon it is nice to see you both back on the forum it seems full of newbies lately as everyone migrates to tabletroms it seems :D
  13. That about sums it up for me Simon :)
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