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  1. A know mate its a pain all you can do is try an find some shade
  2. 10 red bulls you must be still flying..I could'nt work out how to install clockwork mod but luckily it came with a rom and have been using recovery since..do you have a link on how to install it.
  3. Tried it and had to charge the battery up 3 times in 24 hours with some pretty heavy use which is normal for me/ calls wifi youtube, gone back to Froyo Optimum v3
  4. Doe's the market load? Have you checked your APN setting? if there not there try to google them
  5. I've been trying out Froyo Optimum v3a no radio which I'm not too bothered about but very impressed with the battery so far.
  6. The automatic .exe ...I used that, made a folder C:\Android then double clicked on the .exe and it installed from there with no need to use cmd.
  7. here's how he doe's it in this tutorial Now put your phone into fastboot mode 1. take out battery 2. put in battery 3.hold in camera button and press power on 4. keep camera button pressed until lg logo disapears and it shows a blank screen try and follow his instruction so you can install recovery to save you bricking your phone I used the one from the link and did'nt bother with recovery just updated from 2.1 fastboot to 2.3 then backed up afterwards.it was risky but worked. I've read thru this guide sounds quite striaght forward.
  8. If its got fastboot with it then you need to turn off then on again holding the camera button untill screen goe's dark,then its in fast boot mode
  9. If you go here some one's made an automatic .exe to install 2.3 http://androidforums.com/lg-optimus-gt540/...able-gt540.html You do need fastboot first tho...but a simple way round.
  10. If its Bricked like ilove says,You say you got it of ebay why dont you put it on ebay as spare's or repairs,you might get some money back,or search ebay for some one to unbrick it,maybe cheaper than getting LG to fix with no warrenty.
  11. Taoninja have you seen these wireless routers for 3g usb modems http://www.expansys.com/zoom-wireless-n-de...ort-usb-192757/
  12. This ^^ just installed 2.3 and installed the whole lot of google apps,dont know what talkback etc is anyone?
  13. Thanks for the reply it must be a 64 bit thing,because I booted up me old xp windows and had no problems with fastboot drivers installing,so I've been able to install 2.3 from here..http://androidforums.com/lg-optimus-gt540/276446-cyanogenmod-7-android-2-3-avaliable-gt540.html :D
  14. Hello kmb did you manage to install fastboot drivers on vista as I am having the exact same problem.. :D
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