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  1. Paul your work is just superb, really enjoy your roms. Stable, uber-smooth and tweaked just right. If you do everything the same way, your cooking must be amazing - your family's lucky to have you! Wondered if there was a chance you could include a couple of features in the kitchen for JR7? :- DSP manager (or some equalizer/audio tweaker) Tegra 3 PRISM/ screen colour tweak disable toggle Xbox controller-ready (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1792531) It's a real blast playing with the Xbox wireless controller without messing about. I followed the instructions and it's totally ace. Even if it's too late to ask and I'm sure you're busy, appreciate your work! Cheers Baz
  2. There really should be a 'thanks' button on this forum :-) thank you Paul! Hope I'm not out of line - don't want to be perceived as being pushy. Just loved your work with the O2x. Cheers Baz
  3. Hi Paul any plans to do a kitchen for the HTC one X ? Enjoyed your kitchens for the LG O2x a lot. Cheers Baz
  4. You sound like you need root. Go for it! LOL
  5. It runs well as is, just the in-game ads tend to irritate. Sense is now 'sensible'. Nice of HTC to allow unlocking IF I decide to go that way. I have to admit I am IMPRESSED by a company that listens to its customers and takes such a major step as setting up its own bootunlocking site. Compared this attitude to crapple - HTC is keeping the open source origin of Android open. Or LG that was forced into updating the O2x to ICS but only after it releases its newer quadcore stuff. And people are still waiting. I loved my Nexus One (made by HTC). LG O2x gave me so many headaches... Back to HTC and it really is GOOD! Will hold fire on unlocking until the unit has been fully run through its paces for a while, maybe never. Cheers Baz
  6. Just got mine - if I root, do I lose the dropbox account, or is there any other penalty apart from warranty work potentially being declined?
  7. tomorrow, before 1pm. White. Gonna wait on the doorstep. I said too much.....
  8. What's 'better' root by htcdev unlock or S-OFF? How would you get S-OFF on this phone without using htcdev.com? Roll on April 6th..... Cheers Baz
  9. @Paul - great news - in any case I preordered one some time ago, reassuring to hear you will be getting one as well.... Rollon April 6th! Cheers Baz
  10. @Paul the most important question - is the One X going to be your next phone? Or will you wait for the Samsung G S3? Leaked specs on the S3 rumours 2GB RAM, does this make much difference? Thanks Baz
  11. Hi Paul, any updates on v20Q? I know we are all waiting for ICS to drop, but a final polished GB with the latest would still be great even after ICS is released. Thanks for all your hard work Baz
  12. I see - thanks for the info. I know that Paul has often been one of the first to release new leaks, so I was puzzled. Cheers Baz
  13. Paul, the first custom ROM based on v20Q has been released on XDA. Any update on a MCR Kitchen release of v20Q please? Thank you for all your hard work Baz
  14. Another post - seems that Spica1234's RC12 kernel is to land sometime in the next 24 hours. It would be amazing to have a MCR based on v20Q to match it sometime in the next few days.... That would be a killer combo for sure. Thanks Paul. Baz
  15. Good things are worth waiting for. And although I've tried out more ROMS than I care to remember - seems that Paul's stable solid work ends up being my favourite. Always seem to use the stock GB option - old-fashioned but I'm used to it. Wonder what will happen to the stock GB option when ICS is upon us? Can't say I care for the ICS stock setup (is it bad to say this?). Baz [EDIT] link to a link to a link to download v20Q: link
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