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  1. Also, when you think about it, ICS is still laggy (okay, blame me, it's because of the lack of the GPU driver) on the Nexus One/Desire, which has a way better armv7 processor, I tried it myself. There's no way our blades can have a fluid ICS.
  2. I was wondering: Did anyone dump the French Bouygues Telecom 2.2 ROM ? Or the SFR 2.2 Rom ?
  3. No, they're smart enough not to do the work twice I think X).
  4. Well, if you didn't know, Android has never used X11. And you can have a fast X11 desktop, just try any Linux distro.
  5. I just did the update. It works well, thank you ! I have now HSDPA support that i didn't have before :) (yes, HSDPA and not HSUPA, it didn't work stock my phone, was stuck with the "3G" icon)
  6. Okay, so i just change partition_zte.mbm and appsboot.mbn from an update in the Gen2 topic ? By the way, what is installed when you go back to Gen1 ? The same recovery ? I have another stupid question: Will my splash image change ?
  7. You just rock guy ! Can we change the partition layout by changing partition.mbm/partition_zte.mbm ?
  8. No, the Blade has an ARM11, or ArmV6, processor. Not an ARM6 one, which is much older.
  9. Given the fact that it only relies on 2 proprietary lib to change and a kernel to compile, you can expect that, that's an easy task. Because I think that there is developers here which cares about the warranty of their phone (and the warranty of user's phone) I think (because I think i'm not the only one here who cannot afford buying a new Blade if mine is broken). Anyway, dropping Gen1 support is a bit stupid, since anyway the differences are pretty small for the developers, and most people won't update their phone. By the way, I wouldn't update my phone with some strange proprietary windows program (By the way, when you don't have a windows machine it's a problem) that you have no idea how it could break your phone without knowing (I have my I5800 for that...). And, losing TPT is REALLY an issue, because it can save your ass if you suck in something.
  10. gsam101

    I got Motorola DEFY and its Rocks and its a Beauty

    Buddy, the DEFY has a locked bootloader. That just sucks.
  11. Mh.. Maybe it's the fact that i use the phone a lot and I use the MP3 Player 1~2 hours.. I'm gonna make more tests tommorow. I didn't last 12h on battery (which is, in fact, the time i need it to last..). I'll try again.
  12. Is it me, or the battery life (with n19 and the kernel for Bluetooth Fix) is way worse than in FLB Froyo.. ? My phone doesn't last the day...
  13. I meant, does that kernel solve the CM7 battery problem ?

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