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  1. Ape09090

    Newb: Using ROM Manager

    WIll ROM manager install the correct rom for the Gen on your phone or do you need to check up on that yourself? I have a ZTE Blade Gen 1 ,I'm a bit wary of just using ROM manager in case it bricks my phone by installing for a Gen 2
  2. bump, folks,I'm no whizz with this stuff. I managed to put Japanese Jellyfish on to my Gen 1 ZTE Blade /Orange San Fransisco when I first got it over a year ago,gawd only knows how I did that right first time with no problems since but anyway. I reckon that there could be other ROM's out there now that are better at conserving/using the battery though so I downloaded ROM Manager from the android market and it's offering me Cyanogen mod 7.2.0 as a stable ROM but I'm concerned that could only be for Gen 2 phones? So,I'm concerned that if I install Cyanogen mod 7.2.0 onto a Gen 1 ZTE Blade that I could brick it. I'd appreciate any help or tips that anyone may feel like offering me with this, thanks, Andrew
  3. Guys, I have a gen 1 orange san fransisco / zte blade and I want to flash to cyanogen mod 7.2.0 from rom manager. I'm concerned about the phone being gen 1 though,I won't brick it will I?
  4. Hi Folks, I can't get Android File Verifier from market,only the legacy version. Do I need to wipe if I want to install the TPT version? Thank you.
  5. I bought an Orange SF about a year ago and managed to install Japanese Jellyfish on to it. Everything has been working fine until now when the battery doesn't want to charge,I got a new battery from ebay for £3 and that one doesn't want to work either so I'm assuming I should update the ROM. I can see the Cyanogen ROM and the Swedish Snow ROM but I have no idea which one to plump for,any help deciding would be appreciated. Mr Pigfish tells me I'm running Gen 1 at the moment. :)
  6. Ape09090

    Flashing a ROM on a ZTE Blade Gen1

    I'm in a similar position,how's it going for you?
  7. Ape09090

    removing orange aps from san francisco

    I've unlocked my osf today from info on this forum and I'm grateful to the guys who pointed me in the right direction I also rooted it using the info in this link http://orangesanfrancisco.co.uk/android/ho...isco-zte-blade/ I hope you guys don't mind me posting a link to a different site but I've been trying all day and this one worked so all good on that score I then used the steps on this thread and I've rid myself of all the orange c**p and the phone looks much better for it I think tomorrow maybe I'll have a go at updating to a gingerbread or some newer version , wow ,I think I've got the bug lolz
  8. Ape09090

    Registering your new phone

  9. http://orangesanfrancisco.co.uk/android/ho...isco-zte-blade/ just found that link and tried it and it appears to work :(
  10. thanks,great link I can't read chinese tho so can someone tell me which link applies to the osf please?
  11. Hello folks, I just recieved my first new phone in 5 years so I'm a little behind the times regarding my knowledge about such stuff. It's an orange san francisco and orange want me to register the phone with them... if I do not register the phone will it work at all? are there any benefits to not registering the phone? some noob questions for sure but any input gratefully recieved tyvm
  12. Ape09090

    New to San Francisco

    Hi, I have a new orange sf arriving tuesday morning and I'm wondering about the registration process.... will the phone not work at all if I don't register it or are there any advantages to not registering it? ty in advance for your bodacious and enlightened input

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