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  1. Hello, I am currently on Giffgaff and really enjoy thier payg service, unfortunately since moving to rural Cornwall their 3g is not available and the 2g barely loads an email. The talk and text service however is great. In this day and age, most folks want internet. After trials it has worked out EE offer a solid 3g around here. However Orange, EE and T Mobile payg service seems hidden away or something like they are trying to phase it out. I cannot find any info about their payg options, it's all 4g :( Can anyone suggest an mvno that uses the EE network and can inclide the option of an auto-renew a bundle every thirty days, an auto top up etc. Giffgaff do these features which are essential for me. I might check Threes coverage too. But those features I mentioned are a must. Thanks.
  2. Wife got PAC this morning, several times in multiple emails! I was surprised she got it. She's moved to GiffGaff under my recommendation.
  3. My wife has been with them a few months, I never fell for them but it was not unexpected to be honest. Yep, her service was suddenly dead just an hour or so ago. Shame on them they could not find the time to give advance notice to their customers yet they were still selling SIM cards like hot cakes as late as this morning. Something smells suspect to me! She sent off for her PAC from them, but I told her I would be shocked if she got it. Looking around on Google, it appears the owner has a track record of closed up MVNO companies. Apologies if this reply is in the wrong forum, feel free to move if so.
  4. Great rom, seems nice and stable. I get the same error when trying to record video with the stock camera app. Anyone suggest an alternative that works for still and moving pictures? Thanks.
  5. I just unlocked and rootes my wifes Y300 and flashed Fusion rom from Tillaz. I cannot get her phone to save anything to the sd card. Any photos taken with the camera are store internally. I checked storage settings but there is no option to default to sd card. The option of storage in camera settings shows internal and is greyed out. I can explore the sdcard by means of of a file manager. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Thanks, got the code in my mailbox this morning. General consensus, FusionX or CM10 R11 is a good stable daily driver? Just don't want the wife nagging me after it's done!
  7. Tillaz devs the Fusion rom? I remember that name from my old g300. Any idea how long they take to send out an unlock code? Says three days but......!! Thanks for the info.
  8. Hello folks, My wife has a Y300 for the last month or so but she's a bit grumpy over it's sluggishness. It is stock 4.1.1, not rooted as yet. I have offered to unlock and root her phone, so we're waiting on Huawei for the unlock code. She's not bothered about fancy options or extras, she just wants her phone smoother running and probabl better off on a non-Hauwei rom? I don't want her complaining about FC's, the phone rebooting, crashes etc. Can some recommend me a nice smooth rom that is stable and crash free? She doesn't need the latest and greatest just something better than the stock rom. Sorry for posting such a thread, I know it gets asked all the time but there are dozens of roms and it's not for me, I just need a pointer. Thanks guys.
  9. Looking to sell my One X+ phone. Can anyone recommend a place other than ebay where I can safely sell my phone? Ebay is too full of scammers. I assume Modaco does not allow or welcome selling etc, fully understandable. Decided to buy a Nexus 4. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I'm looking to ditch my HTC One X+ phone, a very expensive white elephant to me. It comes across as dev unfriendly and I feel it's time to get rid of. For what I could possibly get selling it, I could get myself a G510 and have plenty change leftover. I used to have a G300 and loved the phone. It was very friendly with custom roms, unlocking, rooting etc. Which leads me to the G510. I see Vodafone is selling them for £100, the reviews in the internet give the phone good reviews which make this very tempting. Is it worth me buying one? I am just looking for a decent size phone, reasonable specs, a phone that doesn't lag too much and is easy to bootloader unlock, root and install cwm or other recovery. Any issues with the custom roms available? I know on the One X+, non Sense roms suffered poor audio because the correct drivers were unavailable from HTC which was off-putting. I am on O2/GiffGaff so I'll need to have the sim unlocked too. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I've had my fun with the old Blade, then G300, then Desire S, then Desire HD and last January I purchased a One X+ from Vodafone. Unfortunately this last purchase was a of poor planning. Within weeks of buying this "latest" phone HTC decided the phone was old hat and out comes the M7 (One). I was really miffed about this, Vodafone dropped the phone from their sales within weeks of launching it too. Bit shi**y of HTC if you ask me. The phone us unlocked and rooted and there is a limited amount of dev work going on for this phone on xda, but the phone has pretty much come to the end. Sense 5 has filtered out for the phone slowly, but I can't see HTC supporting it any longer. I really expected to enjoy this phone more than a few months!!! I might sell it, it seems the resale value is still pretty good and I could easily purchase a Nexus 4 or other dev friendly phone and still have some change left over. That being said, can anyone recommend a phone for £100 or under, decent size screen, decent specs and above all is dev friendly (plenty roms, active community, easily unlocked/rooted)? I'm in the UK and use the GiffGaff/O2 network, so it would need to be unlocked/network free. Thanks.
  12. Just got a text too "congratulations, you can now upgrade to ICS" or something like that. Did make me chuckle, considering most of us have played with ICS on g300s for several months now. I got rid of my g300 a few weeks back anyway. Vodafone must assume I still have my g300! I have always found ICS to be very laggy despite the heroic attempts of our devs to make it better. Hardware-wise surely the phone is more capable. My two year and a half year old Desire HD is flying along with Jellybean CM10.
  13. Like-wise! Sold mine on Ebay last week, went for auction at £110 so I'm happy considering I purchased the thing from Isme for £70 only three months ago. I decided to buy a used phone, picked up an old HTC Desire HD for £85 on auction. In really great shape, looks like new. Have rooted the phone, s-off and flashed a recovery. I am now happily playing around with Jellybean which runs very nice. ICS and JB runs considerably better on the "older" HTC and of course the phone feels better quality imo. Plus the 4.3" screen is nice. I have enjoyed the G300, but fancied a change.
  14. People running B05 and no forced closes and reboots, are you on the B926 update?
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