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  1. just got the wife a deal off 3 but only 100 minutes of calls is there an app for the skate that will give a warning if she gets near the 100 minute outgoing calls.
  2. Will any stick to the dash there made to stick on the window.?
  3. Has anyone found a leather case that will fit over the silicon covers.
  4. Many thanks Wacky for your rooting guide did mine yesterday.
  5. Finaly got my wifi working had to root it then use the above method worked a treet,Many thanks.
  6. Thanks Jeff now can you point me to the google usb drivers for the skate.
  7. Thanks Jeff your link works fine when i click the one in the post i get an fbi warning about megaupload.
  8. Been there done that they don't work.
  9. Most of the downloads are not working for the skate anyone point me to where i can download the files needed for clockwork recovery.etc driving me mad going through the dozens and dozens of posts.
  10. Iv'e tried this fix to get the mac address working a dozen times and it still doesn't work in wifi.Also tried the macchanger method too that didn't work iether. everything else works fine the phones unlocked with the orange original rom on it,Anyone got any ideas before i get shut and buy an htc.
  11. Camera is crap average outside in good daylight,But inside with flash terrible,But ihave a good camera for photo's so doesn't bother me that much best phone camera iv'e had was on a nokia n95 took great pictures.
  12. Whats the national roaming option never heard of that.
  13. I had a text message this week from t-mobile telling me to switch my phone off then back on again and from then on it would use both t-mobile and Orange transmitters automatically.
  14. Guys i bought this one on ebay £2-90p http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230703456024?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649&clk_rvr_id=290647619285&afsrc=1 I'm really pleased with it good fit nice design really good grip on the sides buttons all work holes in right place,Also comes with free screen protectors I'm now gonna buy the red one from the same place.No reason whatsoever to pay any more for these.
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