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  1. Well, it worked perfectly for me. I was able to restore without a problem. However I got tired of the sluggish performance and bought myself a ZTE blade for 130€. Its a low budget smart phone with suprisingly good performance. no Qwerty though. if you wanna wait for a fully function Android OS on the B7610 you'll be waiting... well, it won't happen (that's my believe). That's not to say i don't appreciate the work of the dev's. I really appreciated the opportunity to try Android on my B7610. but it just left me thinking "I want a phone with a stable Android OS and i don't wanna wait!". So i bought one. Gonna recycle the B7610, since they're hardly worth anything now.
  2. Ok! so myself and a friend of mine discovered that when you used Ubuntu to repair the EXT4 partition (where android is installed), the "Acore.process problem is solved! Here is my reccommendation. I've been told by this "computer expert" friend of mine, that filesystem problems WILL be more likely with a SD installation due to the way SD card organise their data. it apparently often causes confilcts with linux filesystems. So i used this tutorial (Mute the video, the "music" is terrible) to help me install the Froyo onto my storage using Ubuntu. Then when i finished installing Froyo and all the updates, i booted android, set up my email accounts and generally personalised my android OS to my satisfaction. when that was done I booted back into winmo, connected mystorage to my ubuntu virtual machine and used THIS guide to make a backup of my fresh fully functional installation of Android. http://knowledge.countorlock.dyndns.org/ho...n-on-ubuntu.txt The important thing is to find out your mount point, and to get the CORRECT partition number for the EXT4 partition (mine was sdb2 on my friend computer and changed to sdf2 on MY computer when i later did a backup at home). I used Gparted (which you need to install anyway for the android mystorage installation with Ubuntu) to get the names of the mount point. the EXT4 partition (where ur android is installed) need to be "Unmounted" before you can make a backup image of your installation. the guide i linked above should help with the rest. Like i said, a simple disk repair (also explained in the guide) should be enough to remove most problem that occur with Android, but A made a backup image anyway, just in case. It would make sense to make a new backup once a month, as long as there are no problems with android. although the backup process DOES take an hour! Hope this helps you, as much as it has helped me! ps. I have had NO screen of deaths, and the only time errors have appeared is when I was HEAVILY multitasking, and even then, it was only killing apps to free memory. I think this is quite normal for a beta!
  3. I read somewhere in one of the MANY threads that this error normally points to a file system error. If you're unlucky enough that your phone crashes while writing to an important file, it will likely corrupt the file, leading to these kinds of errors. A friend of mine advised me to install Ubuntu on a CD or flash drive, and then, once i have a stable OS running on my phone, to back-up the Linux partition on my SD card. this should be done once after a clean install, and once again after you finished installing all apps you wish to have running on your phone. this way, when the phone does crash (and since its a Beta it definately will) if there are problems with the reboot, just use the backup to restore the corrupted data. I haven't tried this yet, as i have no idea how to do all of this in Ubuntu. My friend does intend to show me though, and if its not insanely complicated, I'll write a short "How to". Unless of course, somebody already knows how to do this would like to share?
  4. The "The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" is the Reason I'm not using Android at all at the moment. I finally had a perfect install experience and a fully functional Android running on my phone.... then for some unknown reason the phone crashed while i was using Whatsapp, and when i rebooted it had the Error which won't go away. it now won't connect to 3G either. I know this has happened to at least one other person. if its just a really RARE coinsidence that it happened to me too then maybe i'll try again.... Is it a common problem??
  5. Hi, it took me three install attempts but eventually I got a good clean install of Android Froyo on my B7610. (after the other installs i always had the problem that Android would always start as if it was the first time, and programs you'd installed before the last reset would not work after a new boot- but I formatted My Storage and my SD card, the restult being a perfectly working clean install) I've been using this clean install for three days now, utilising "Call Light" "Advanced Task Killer", "Juice Saver" and 2G to get the most out of my Battery. all has been fine apart from one day, where whenever i would install a new App from the Marketplace, it would give me an error telling me Maps process must be closed! i would get this message nomatter what i downloaded from market, it would always show. and running "Maps" would produce the same message. strange thing is, this problem was resolved by rebooting. it's never happened since. All has been well until today. Suddenly today the clock at the top of the screen just stops working after booting. the only way of seeing the real time is to view it on the lock screen. now this would be tolorable if that was all. but it isn't! this problem also seems to prevent Facebook from refreshing. I assumes my "Advanced Task Killer" was "Killing" an important process preventing the Clock from working properly, but after having removed the program the problem still remains. the only thing i can pin it to is "Whatsapp". A friend of mine reccomended this app to me today and since i installed it i'd been getting SODs. I assumed the program was using too much Ram so i install a task killer to help keep control over ram usage and after that i noticed the problem with the time. on my last three boots i've also been getting random errors like "System is not responding" before the phone had even finished booting into droid. and one time, after having booted into droid i got messages saying "Acore" was forced to close or something. Hmmm.... and just as i was getting excited about having an Android-ish Phone! If any could give me any tips as to how to keep android running properly i'd be glad to hear them! Otherwise I really just wanted to share my experiences and workarounds. Anyone else having the "Time" issues? Ah! and can anyone tell me how to assign or "Mount" an "SD" card so I can use the Camera, because everytime i try, it says "SD not present" then i have to click close. OK i guess you can all forget the last question, I'm now constantly getting "The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" which comes back immediately when i click close, thus rendering Android useless. anyway have a solution which DOESN'T involve me re-installing from scratch? I don't see the point in doing a re-install when just this problem just appears after a few day and won't go away! Damn! I'm really disappointed now.
  6. Can anyone confirm if Android on the B7610 is stable? And when i say stable i mean: no more Black screen of death. doesn't crash during phone calls. no more random hangs. I guess from the previous posts that the Keyboard button now all work the way they should, and that the landscape view also works now? If so, I'll re-install again, but i spent WAY to many hours trying different things the get it stable. I managed it once, and then with the next update it became unstable again and i lost interest. I was spending so much time installing/reinstalling that i started getting stress from my GF!
  7. And now that i've added the Zimage which supposedly solves the sleep problem, Android failed to boot. just a black screen. had to remove the battery. Hopefully, when i add the Zimage from the 3G update, it'll work properly again. if not, Its another re-install.
  8. I think it DOES make a difference which order you do the updates, because adding the Zimage included in the 3G updates means the phone won't wake up from "Sleeping" anymore. at least, that's the case with me.
  9. Thanks for your reply! I know, but when it does I can't do anything because I constantly get the error messages. Strange. I've tried re-installing it again. so far so good. now doing the last update. I do it in this order. Main Install followed by booting up, then shutting down using the lock key. (strangely, after the main install without the updates, android asks for my pin code, I assume to activate my sim, but once i've updates the 3D driver, it doesn't ask me again until i do the final 3G update. is this normal?) Then the 3d driver update with the zimage from the Beta website. once again, installed by leaving the files in the "My Storage" root then booting Android. when its booted, i then shutdown again. I'm now adding the final update. Is this order correct or doesn't it matter? Am i missing anything?
  10. Ok, So i guess my excitement about having a stable version of Android on my B7610 was a little premature. I systematically installed everything as advised, and for a while everything worked perfectly.... 3G... fast.... no problems with Marketplace. Then it suddenly froze as i was installing an app.... restarted and i kept getting the Acore messages. Froze again. Now its showing the error message under the Android logo at bootup. Damn!
  11. wow, I would never have though it would be so simple. Shortly after i posted the message, i read somewhere, think on the tutorials forum, thats important to switch off using the power key (lock key) before adding the updates. and after i'd done that everything worked perfectly. I get no error messages at the boot up, I was able to add a an APN with no problems, so 3G now works. but best of all it hasn't crashed ONCE since i finished the install! As soon as the keyboard mapping is finished, i'll be a very happy chap. it'll be the perfect alternative to window mobile.
  12. Hi people. I'm new, just registered today. I've been trying to get Android to work on my B7610 ever since the beta was released. I can it installed and running... but not for very long because it promtly crashes. This always happens even though i've followed all the instructiona tips i've found on this forum and the website of the developer. The Updates don't help me in the slightest, when I place the updates in the root of my storage and boot, android doesn't even make it past the welcome screen. the phone screen goes blank and resets. I also tried installing the Beta on my now partition "My Storage" because i read from one post that "it doesn't crash" when you do that. if only that were true. on the first boot after the install i made it to the setting page to creat a APN. phone crashed when i tried to save my settings. I then restarted my phone adding the update files to "my storage" root before running and now, once again it won't boot up. It seems i now have no choice but to format the ext2 partition and re-install the beta. what are you guys doing differently, that you're able to get connected to 3G and are now concerned with downloading things from the marketplace?! can someone lend me a hand? Please!
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