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  1. I helped my son buy it, and he loves it. With news breaking of the new model that replaces this http://www.androidcentral.com/lg-unveils-trio-new-g-pad-tablets expect more clearance bargains
  2. titaniumbackup is so important to me I wouldn't buy a device without it being rootable.
  3. that's an interesting idea. I think if you had a big fast memory card to store the windows files, then there's a good chance you could fire up Wine apps inside a VNC session - android doesn't use X so you'd need the indirect frame buffer for wine. chances are graphical performance would be pretty dire!
  4. Having read more, it seems that I can do a reversible upgrade of the radio to gen2, which might resolve the problem. The snag is that all the rom images which will do this are have been stored on file sharing sites which have been shutdown or the image deleted. so I am trying this Swedish-Snow-RLS7-TPT.zip:
  5. unfortunately filesonic have disabled downloads without being logged in :-( please can you make these files available through some other service, even maybe G+? thanks
  6. my Orange San Fran is a gen 1 and is running clockworkmod 3.0.9 and Jap Jellyfish RLS9. It used to have ClockwordMod but when I upgraded to the latest, recovery was completely broken, and I installed RecoveryManager and installed the older version of clockworkmod that does seem to work now, so at least I'm not bricked! I have now tried a variety of new roms, - the following all downloaded recently cm-10-20120722-blade-Burst-JB-KANG.zip cm-7-20120719-UNOFFICIAL-blade.zip cm-7.2.0-blade.zip update-JOYOS1.2.2-blade.zip so I have used CWM and wiped everything and then installed the rom image, but when I reboot I get the green android, then screen goes blank, then green android again, and then finally blank. It appears that the Blade has turned itself off, as if I hit the power button the whole cycle repeats. I assume I am missing some vital stage before flashing, but I have googled around and from what I have read I should simply be able to flash it straight to cyanogenmod 7.2? thanks Paul
  7. I have been reading all this with interest as I was contemplating one of these as it's a bargain price for the features and performance, and also it would be an interesting variant to develop for as I have a strong interesting in android-x86 variants for things like the Joggler and netbooks. I hope that when Intel release ICS there will be more tools and firmware updates which can be analysed to give a clue to getting full control over the device.
  8. Whilst I still love my Desire Z, I would love there to be a Desire Z-2 or Z-S, but I've not read even so much as a rumour of one :-( There was the "doubleshot" which compared favourably, with dual core higher CPU, better GPU and more ram: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=3421&idPhone2=4018 but as far as I know a UK/European variant was never distributed. I've considered the Samsung Captivate Glide which is based on the Tegra2 chipset, so it's OK but nothing special: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4018&idPhone2=4071 A Z with faster CPU and GPU, more ram, more storage, perhaps a little larger screen, is it too much to ask please HTC???
  9. very interesting. the need to let the battery stats recalibrate explains why some other reviews of this battery have left the reviewer disappointed.
  10. how does this compare with virtuous' G-Lite? http://www.virtuousrom.com/p/g-lite.html
  11. Desire HD has a bit more ram and a higher model CPU, but even so I think the DesireZ deserves to get ICS http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=3421&idPhone2=3468 The Virtuous team have a fairly respectable ICS release out with Quattro http://www.virtuousrom.com/p/quattro.html
  12. I have a DesireZ, and still love it, but would love a new version of it and if it had the following features I would buy almost immediately: * dual core and 1GB ram * more internal storage * car dock connector * at least 4" screen If it had 4.5" screen, I would be delighted. I have considered trying to import a Sam Captivate Glide from the USA into England, but there doesn't seem to be a huge community effort behind that device, not having the same internal hardware as Gal S2 is a bit of a problem. Maybe there will be a future version with the same internals as Gal S3? I have been considering the Sam Gal Note, but whilst I like the stylus, I think the keyboard makes all the different to me. I considered the Asus Slide, but I have no need of a tablet-sized device. The padfone also looks quite interesting too.
  13. I found a genuine WWE edition of RUU for Gingerbread and ran it to flash my DZ. It didn't make a difference. And it caused the thing I wanted to avoid which was a total wipe :-(<br /><br />I decided to root and install virtuous unity, so I did the usual process of downgrading to original 1.34 rom, rooting etc, but I missed the crucial stage of checking/changing the CID before I upgraded to VU. The keyboard map was still wrong. I found the CID was wrongly set to HTC__102 which was HTC Germany, but the upgraded kernel didn't work with gfree. So I re-downgraded, used gfree to fix the CID, carefully checked S-OFF etc before finally re-upgrading to VUnity, and now everything's wonderful.<br /><br />So, the CID does more than control what firmware is allowed to be installed, it also causes the locale to be customised in a way you can't override.<br /><br />If you haven't tried one of the virtuousrom roms you're missing out. I didn't try affinity since I think it'd be *too* heavy with sense3.5, but unity and sense3.0 offers many improvements over older sense.
  14. I have decided to try a reflash, since the phone is not rooted yet (I am waiting for ICS port), I need to flash to official HTC release. as I understand it, I need an RUU, european generic variant. I can't find a trusted place I can download it from? thanks
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