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  1. Yeah - I've checked my Local Orange shop and they don't have any SPV's on PAYG and I've got the latest (Sept 06) brochure and there's none listed in there either. Looks like it's going to have to be Ebay then.
  2. Anyone know which Smartphones are now available as pay and you go phones? Orange don't seem to offer any SPV's anymore. I'd like to stay with Orange cos the network round here with them is pretty good and i can't be faffed messing around porting numbers etc. At the moment I've got the SPV E200. But it's no longer a happy phone - had it for a couple of years and it's finally started having a few problems. Like answering calls (press 'answer' it does nothing for a few seconds and then says 'unable to answer call') and the joystick has now stopped going downwards so I think I need to start thinking about moving on and letting that one retire in peace. So, what can I get now? Or do I have to just resort to getting something second hand on ebay?
  3. I'm thinking of replacing my 256Mb SD card with something a little bigger (memory wise). I seem to remember when I first bought the card that there are some compatitablities issues between some memory cards and the phone. Does anyone know where I can get a list of which cards should work with the phone - just so that I don't get the wrong one...
  4. dronkula

    Orange E200 best ROM?

    Cheers - thanks for letting me know.
  5. dronkula

    Orange E200 best ROM?

    Anyone know where I can get the rom? On the Orange UK website they've only got a link to
  6. I've just tried it again with the new version of WMP10 (.3802) and it still doesn't work properly. It seems to sync the music over, but when you try and play DRM protected content, it just skips over it - and that's all I want it for - to sync over the DRM stuff that I've legally bought online from sites like MSN Music. I've got Activesync 4.1 as well.
  7. The problem I find is that it starts to sync, then normally get's about 90% through it and then just aborts. There's plenty of room on the storage card - so it's not running out of room (in fact, I can copy the songs over onto the card using Windows Explorer). The reason why I want to do it through WMP is because I've been buying my music legally through MSN Music and if you don't sync through WMP, it doesn't copy over the DRM stuff and can't play the tracks.
  8. dronkula

    SPV C550 Music Kit

    It's ironic though that they're flogging the C550 as a music playing phone - and the one thing you can't do with it is use Windows Media Player to sync tracks between your handset and your PC! So, if you want to play legally downloaded tracks you've got to use the Orange Music Player and pay twice as much as other legal download sites...
  9. Hi, I've just upgraded from an SPV e200 to the C550. Everything's fine with it - except that I can't get it to copy music on it. It's sync up to Outlook on my computer with no problems - so all my contacts and calendar stuff has copied over but whenever I try and use Windows Media Player (version 10) to sync tracks over to it (like I used to do with the e200) it only does about 4% of the first track and then stops. I'm using the MiniSD 'Orange Try-Card' that came with the phone - but there's plenty of space left on it (over 100Mb). Am I doing something wrong? I'm using ActiveSync 3.8 if that's important. Help!
  10. Howdy, Does anyone know if the Stereo Personal Handsfree kit listed on the Orange website at http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/accesso..._handsfree_kits is compatible with an SPV e200? It just lists it as being compatible with the C500 - but it looks very similar to my original one that I got with my e200. Would it work OK?
  11. dronkula

    SPV 2020

    Btw, I've just noticed that the Orange SPV M1000 (which I think is the same as the 2020) is now available to buy for everyone in the UK. Until recently, it was only available for Business Customers. It's currently £249.99 on a contract (not available on pre-pay) http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...pv_m1000/detail

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