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  1. debug.sf.hw=1 is already enabled by default in every rom, stock one included, even if you delete that line. But proper Hardware acceleration of the interface (the one that ICS and Jelly Bean feature) is not possible in Gingerbread. That's probably why Chrome for Android is not available for us.
  2. The drop-down menu that you can access form the top bar :D It has some toggles, like wifi, bluetooth and hotspot.
  3. There's a setting in /system/build.prop, if I remember well. But you lose also Acer's notifications, I think. Waiting for more expert users, I'm interested too :)
  4. I have a question (maybe already answered): Davidevinavil managed to get LED notifications working for every app, not just stock ones, in his CM7. Can you do the same for this kernel? Or the problem is not located in the kernel?
  5. It's good! But I have a problem: videos (in Gallery or Youtube) overlap UI. I can see the video but it's like controls are behind it.
  6. I have the paid version, this can be the problem... But you can always push the application via adb if you want it back (but I think it's quite unlikely, the default camera app isn't very good)
  7. Yes, you have to backup the app and you can restore it later.
  8. I uninstalled default camera app with Titanium and it worked.
  9. I installed MIUI camera app (extracted from CM7 .zip) on my t&l ROM. How can I change the default app that is opened when I press the camera button? Thanks in advance, Andryandrew.
  10. With all lines inserted (debug.sf.hw=1 was already there in my t&l ROM) the UI is not lagging anymore (I too have animation always disabled). But that funny strange behaviour of Fruit Ninja remains :D (not really the end of the world, i think)
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