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  1. Blade has 800 MHz CPU too, but it works on 600. Blade has more memory, better screen and Blade looks like smartphone and it is, Ace wants to looks like Galaxy S or iPhone but inside it's worst then Blade. Only + it is 5MP camera. And you forgot that he is not girl.
  2. Mine reboot sometimes when automatically lock and turn off the screen and a data connection is active. I only use edge (no wifi, no 3g, no bluetooth, no GPS), but I haven't done a full wipe. So may it's my fault ;-)
  3. A few weeks ago i flashed a stock rom (gen1) over cm7 (gen2). As result my blade won't boot any more. Then i found this post: [Guide] de-bricking a ZTE Blade Recovering from a bad flash - Blade/Libra/v880 Method 2 did it for me ;) In Windows 7 you have to start the CMD.EXE (console) with administrator rights. Then navigate to the *.BAT file and start it from the console! When you double klick the batch file it wont work, even not with admin rights! When you have plugged the charger your device will load some USB stuff and pause booting. In this state fastboot (Method 2) can flash the clockworkmod on your phone. Good luck!
  4. Works fine on mine. 1.) Did you performe a full wipe before updating to SS RLS3? 2.) Do you use a task killer or something else? Sometime when i use such an app android becomes instable. The best option to kill all unused tasks is a reboot ;) By the way: @KonstaT: Smoothest ROM i've ever tested on my blade!!!
  5. Thanx for the reply. And what version of that releases should I select for stability (firstly). Are they contain all the things I want (above)? It is still many rom names you have told above. But which one is the best? I don't need cool themes, beautiful animations and other same things - it's excess. For now I feel that any strong answer without alternatives that someone can give me helps me to make final decision. Oh, I forgot... If I flash one of that roms you present above - can I restore my software and data from Titanium Backup (some old version) from my Froyo's stock rom installation?
  6. Hello. Help me to figure out if there is any wizard or helper to find best CM release for individual requests? Mean: I answer to some quiz and at the end of it gives me best stable/unstable release for my device and other requests. I have European Blade with TFT screen and with kernel and with ARM6 cpu. I need fully-functional rom (as fully as any stable stock rom) with many or all of custom features such as: cifs/nfs support, utf-8 support, slow-work if needed, usb-host etc... Also I need it in my language without installing additional software (everybody knows about little internal memory space for installing apps). But I can't just simply figure out what release can I use and forget about all of this questions for about half a year or many. Thank you for your attention. I apologize for my English - Blade's users are united al over the world =)
  7. Man, Legionnaire used the above quote almost word for word as if it were his own. Weird little thing to plagiarize if you're not him. You're not, right? That would be even weirder :lol:
  8. if it's like that, will be great. i mean, on MMHMP rls7, using with wi-fi, no 3G, some calls, some texting, plus facebook and twitter i can barely last a workday. it's really stable, smooth and fast, but battery drain as hell (i was using SS5 before). how about AHB overclock? is it enabled on this kernel?
  9. It's a known bug called Sleep of Death (SOD). You need to press the power button for a looong time to manually shut the device, then you can turn it on. Happens from time to time, no fix was ever made as far as I know.
  10. Totally agree with you! I can see that noise remover in `conversion-program` makes the picture poor. Also, white-balance isn't responding to my needs (i.e. in my flat): i can see almost gray picture or like sepia or something about this, with custom or auo WB :( And like in many cameras macro is very good. It's because many processing in `conversion-program` doesn't applying to the image (macro and noise remover aren't compatible =)). Please, people, who have working slow_work.ko for 2.6.32-perf, give it to me. Please, please, please!!! I have loaded the cifs.ko module from CM7 nightly 179 with the last 2.6.32 kernel version before changing it in CM7 ind it maybe works but needs slow-work module. Also, I'm not sure but I need the nls_utf8.ko (is this the right name?) too for CIFSManager to work.
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