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  1. I think you can use the patcher by zdune to add them in, well they worked for me on a nightly a while back. http://zdune.mod2xtreme.com/android/tweaks.php EDIT: Just noticed above post
  2. Yay, we can finally add soft buttons ourselves. No need to hassle sej any more thanks to a patcher created by zdune over on xda. I just tried it with n152 and it works well: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=16338482#post16338482
  3. Does the UOT kitchen not theme signal bars? After applying the zip I still always get the default green signal bars
  4. It works fine for me, have you made sure you've set the correct permissions on .apk?
  5. Nice theme. Could you please post that wallpaper? Thanks.
  6. Did you copy the framework-res.apk from burstlam's ROM a couple of weeks ago?
  7. Thanks a lot for this! It's working great and the softkeys are useful.
  8. My apologies, I thought this fix was built into n88.
  9. I'm running n88. Is there anyway to get rid of this wifi "fix"?
  10. You have to go in Cyanogenmod settings > Interface > Status bar tweaks> StatusBar brightness control. EDIT: Too slow! beaten by hugo,
  11. Most blades seem to be able to run fine at 691MHz whilst some can stretch to 710MHz
  12. @lesa0208 love your setup. Could you tell me what icon set and font you're using.
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